10 amazing inventions which are not famous yet.


    Many start-ups come daily on the web but many fails and many succeed. Startup geeks are launching their startups in tech fields due to high demand and huge profit. But as I told that every startup is not a successful startup.

    Today we will discuss about some Technology based inventions or startup which are not famous yet but should be famous. These inventions are directly or indirectly related to technology, so don’t spread bad comments.

    Set start our topic of 10 unknown inventions based on tech which are not famous yet.

    Edible water ball

    This water bottle is a very good replacement of non-Biodegradable plastic bottles. This is a natural biodegradable membrane which can be digested and swallowed by normal people in the same way as we drink water.

    Bladeless fan

    This invention found unbelievable but this invention really exists. In this fan, Air comes from the ring without any external blades. The blades are hidden in its base. The air is drawn by a compressor in the base and then directed up into a ring.

    Rolling bench which can be used after rain.

    This invention is literally amazing and too much needful. The seat base on which we can sit is rollable and we can roll it if the seat base is wet or hot.

    Stick and find stickers

    This invention is clearly expressed by the name that if you stick this sticker on an object then you can easily find it.

    Night slippers

    I need this product. This product is really needful if you fall down many times in the night due to darkness. LED lights are located on the slippers and will glow up when you walk.

    Laser guided scissors

    This invention will help you to cut the paper or cloth very precisely because the laser will guide you for cutting.

    Bendable desk

    This invention is still a prototype which is designed in RWTH Aachen University. You can clearly understand what it is by the image.

    Auto inflating tyres

    These tyres will never suffer the problem of airless in tyre during travelling because this is an auto inflating tyre.

    Virtual keyboard

    Many prototypes come for this invention but no one gets popular.

    Sign language to speech converter glove

    This is an amazing invention by a bunch of students. This invention will really help you in the place where you can’t speak their native language.

    These are some of the amazing Tech inventions which are not famous yet but should be famous. If we miss something amazing then tell us in comment section

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