10 countries where Java programmers can earn the most.


Today we will know about some of the best-paying countries for the Java professionals, developers or programmers. If you just completed your college and want to search for programming so we will help you Java is one of the most popular used languages in programming. It is also popular among top Tech companies and they provide a good package for Java programmers. Most of the Android applications that you see you on the Google Play Store are based on Java language.

There are many Java courses available on the Internet and many developed countries hire Java programmers at competitive packages like the US, UK and as well, they all have a very high demand for Java programmers.

The average salary of Java programmer in the United States starts at $48,000 and goes up to 6 figures it all depends on your knowledge over the course of your work. Certificates also play a major role in your interview and Boost Your CV.

Java scores over other programming languages like R, PHP, and SQL because it provides flexibility and portability to acquire many different platforms.

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  1. The first country in our list is Switzerland, in this country, the entry level of Java programming starts from CHF(Swiss Franc) 40,268, mid-level earns CHF 86,688 and the experienced person gets around CHF 100,000+. The most popular and best paying cities in Switzerland are Zurich and Bern.
  2. The second country is Norway in which entry level person gets NOK(Norwegian Krone) 40,582 while mid-level gets NOK 545,715 and experience won’t get NOK 653,972, the best paying is in Norway are Oslo and Trondheim.,
  3. The third country is the United States where the Entry level person gets $48,735 and the mid-level gets around $72,760 while the experienced one gets around $87,000. The popular cities are San Jose and San Francisco.
  4. The fourth Country is Denmark, where entry level person gets DKK(Danish Krone) 200,754 while mid-level guy of having 5-10 years experience gets DKK 459,097 and experienced one gets DKK 548,727. Best paying cities are Copenhagen and Aarhus.
  5. The Fifth country is Israel, where the entry level person gets RJ(Israeli New Shekel)98,000, while mid-level gets RJ 238,269 and the experienced one gets RJ 280,000. The best paying cities in Bnei Brak and Rishon LeZion.
  6. The Sixth country is Australia where the entry level person gets AU$(Australian Dollar)49,345 while mid-level gets AU$75,665 and the experienced one gets AU$91,000 plus. The popular cities for Java Programmers are Sydney and Melbourne.
  7. The Seventh number in this list is Germany where entry level person gets €(Euro)27,096 and the mid-level gets €45,627 and the experience one gets about €53,000plus. The best paying cities of Germany are Munich and Erlangen.
  8. The Eighth number is Sweden where the entry level person gets SEK 271,538 while the mid-level gets SEK 483,497 and the last experienced one gets SEK 552,277. The best paying cities are Stockholm and Gothenburg.
  9. The Ninth number is New Zealand, his/her Entry level pay is NZ$44,979 (New Zealand Dollar), mid-level gets NZ$63,795 and final the experienced one gets NZ$78,000. The best paying cities are Aukland and Wellington.
  10. The Final or Tenth one is Canada, entry level gets around C$43,914 (Canadian Dollar), the Mid-level gets C$68,128 and the Experienced person gets C$47,000 plus. Best paying cities are Guelph and Regina.

Next county in this list is the United Kingdom and India. The experiences of Entry Level is around five years, mid-level is five to ten years and the experienced is five to ten years.

Key Job Type is JAVA Developer, JAVA Backend Developer, Core JAVA Apps Developer, JAVA Software Architect, JAVA Cryptography Apps Developer.

Top Companies for Java Programmers are Amazon, SAP, Microsoft, HP, IBM, eBay, PayPal. If you are not a JAVA programmer then these data have motivated you definitely. Keep JAVAing 🙂



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