Why YouTube is banned in these 10 countries?


    YouTube is an American based video sharing website and it’s headquartered is in San Bruno, California. This website is officially created by three former employees of PayPal named as Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim and date of birth of YouTube is February 2005. Now YouTube comes below Google and becomes the major part of Google. You can upload any video on it by making a Google email id by this video you can view, rate, share, add to favorites, report, comment on videos and subscribe to other users channel.

    Now let’s talk about the countries where YouTube is banned and why it is banned from these countries.

    #10. China

    YouTube is banned by the Chinese Communist Party and Internet doesn’t get along very well in China. Ever since the Internet made its way into China, the Chinese Communist Party has heavily censored and regulated it with their “Great Firewall of China”. The great Firewall of China is a system of censorship by which the government blocks many websites that the government seems as counter-Revolutionary and filters results from the Internet search is initiated from computers in Mainland China.

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    YouTube was first banned in China on October 2007 to March 2008 and after that, it was again blocked in March 2009. Nowadays YouTube is not accessible from China.

    #9. Iran

    Iran blocks YouTube all the way back in December 2006, Iran blocks many other websites along with YouTube. The main reason behind the ban on YouTube is a video which was posted online that shows and Iranian Soap Opera star having sex with her boyfriend.

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    The ban on YouTube watch later shuts down after the 2009 Iranian presidential election, but in 2012 the YouTube is again banned after the trailer released by a controversial and low-budget film “The Innocence of Muslims” was released on the YouTube.

    #8. Islamic state

    The Islamic state restricts the use of Internet within its borders. All the citizens of the Islamic state are only permitted to access the Internet from a designated Internet cafe while being monitored by many religious authorities.

    #7. North Korea

    Like we see in China, North Korea also Ban the Internet. North Korea concluded that the whole Internet was so difficult to control so they make their own Internet which was located exclusively within North Korea.

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    This is not a single thing which is not allowed in the North Korea, they don’t even trust the Western Operating Systems so they made their own native operating system known as Red Star OS. This operating system even had the red star of communism on the Taskbar instead of the Microsoft Windows logo.

    #6. Syria

    YouTube is banned in Syria until early 2011 but as the Arab Spring struck Syria later that yeah, the country was torn apart and their ban on YouTube was Re-initiated. The Syrian government maintains its ban on YouTube, this only applies to the areas within Syria, the Syrian government still controls. YouTube is officially blind in Syria at the present time.

    #5. Turkey

    YouTube is currently banned in Turkey but there are chances of removing this band on YouTube at some point in future. YouTube has banned in Turkey in September 2007, again in January of 2008, once more in March 2008, also in April 2008, as well as may 2008 and June 2008 and after t, at it again banned in March 2014 after that on the 6 of April 2015 YouTube has blocked again.

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    This man is still going, along with YouTube Facebook and Twitter is also banned there due to the widespread posting of a slain p********* in during a Hostage crisis.

    #4. Sudan

    The authorities of Sudan block YouTube in 2010 of April following their Presidential elections and they also blocked Google as well. The reason behind is a YouTube video showing election officials openly reading this Sudanese presidential election with fake votes.

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    Then after that Sudan blocked YouTube temporary in 2008 for unknown reasons and in September of 2010 YouTube has banned again because YouTube does not remove a film called “The Innocence of Muslims”. Until the video was removed from YouTube the site is banned in Sudan.

    #3. South Sudan

    Sudan and South Sudan on two different countries but they have one thing is common which is censorship of YouTube because South Sudan blocked YouTube for the exact same reasons Sudan did. This site still hosts the film “The Innocence of Muslims” until this film is entirely removed it likely to remain locked for the unforeseeable future.

    #2. Eritrea

    The Government of Eritrea requires all the Internet service providers to use state-controlled Internet is infrastructure in their country. Many websites are managed by the Eritrean exiles are blocked in which YouTube is also banned from Eritrea. In fact, only 0.8% of their population can access the Internet in 2012.

    #1. Pakistan

    YouTube is still banned in Pakistan, and this ban is going from September 2012 over it’s hosting of the “Innocence of Muslims’ movie, that starts many Furious protests around the world. The Supreme Court of Pakistan ruled that site should be banned until away was found to block all blasphemous content. That’s the reason YouTube is still banned in Pakistan because the officials of Pakistan have realize that there is no way to filter content deemed offensive and blasphemous on YouTube.

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