List of the Top 25 Most Loved and Most Hated Programming Languages of 2017


Recently, StackOverflow released a predictable Annual Developer Survey, it is a popular online community of programmers and developers, they release this survey each year and provides some amazing information about the latest programming trends among programmers.

It is the biggest survey done by Stack Overflow, in which around 64k developers took part. This article is the result of this survey and you will see the most loved and most hated programming languages among the programmers of 2017. You can read the complete survey here.

Developer Survey Results 2017

Most loved Programming Language

Last year, Rust programming language is in the top of the list and it also comes in the top of the list of 2017. Rust is followed by Smalltalk and TypeScript. This ranking is a clear signal that compared to other languages, the developers are most willing to work (or continue working) with Swift.

And last year Swift is in the second place but in 2017 list it goes to the fourth place that doesn’t mean the popularity is declining. The language ranked well on this year’s popularity charts and its demand is growing.

Top 25 most loved programming languages:

  1. Rust
  2. Smalltalk
  3. TypeScript
  4. Swift
  5. Go
  6. Python
  7. Elixir
  8. C#
  9. Scala
  10. Clojure
  11. JavaScript
  12. F#
  13. Haskell
  14. SQL
  15. C++
  16. Julia
  17. Java
  18. R
  19. Ruby
  20. C
  21. PHP
  22. Erlang
  23. Dart
  24. Common Lisp
  25. Groovy

Most Hated Programming Languages

Same as the last year results, Visual Basics is again on the top of this list and becomes the most hated programming language of 2017. This language is followed by VBA, CoffeeScript, VB.NET, and Matlab.

Top 25 most hated/dreaded languages:

  1. Visual Basic 6
  2. VBA
  3. CoffeeScript
  4. VB.NET
  5. Matlab
  6. Objective-C
  7. Assembly
  8. Perl
  9. Lua
  10. Hack
  11. Groovy
  12. Common Lisp
  13. Dart
  14. Erland
  15. PHP
  16. C
  17. Ruby
  18. R
  19. Java
  20. Julia
  21. C++
  22. SQL
  23. Haskell
  24. F#
  25. JavaScript

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