You can earn $250k per bug from Windows bounty program.


Many big companies are offering bug bounty programs which help them to find out bugs in their software. Bug finders can earn a lot of money from bug bounty programs. Recently, Microsoft announced a Windows bounty program in which they will pay to you if you find any bug in Windows server and Windows 10. You can invite any of your friend who is interested in hacking and researching.

This is not the first time that Microsoft is announcing a bug bounty program. Before this, Microsoft edge Bounty was announced in August 2016 and it is running now also. Bug bounty programs of Microsoft are running since 2013. But this time, the Bounty program is really big than previous bounties because this time Microsoft offers bounties for windows insider preview, Microsoft hyper-V and Windows Defender application Guard.

You can earn $250,000 for a Hyper-V bug. Actually, Hyper-V is a Microsoft solution which is used in Azure Cloud Computing service and to run virtual machines. Your bug should be lie in information disclosure, denial of service or remote code execution to earn $250,000. If you are not able to find a bug in Microsoft Hyper-V then you can find bugs in Windows Insider preview or Windows Defender application guard and can get a minimum reward of $500.

The best part of this bounty program is 10% reward. If you reported a bug which Microsoft knows internally, then also, you can get 10% reward. For example, if you report a bug for Hyper-V which Microsoft knows internally then also you will get $25,000 if you are first to report that bug.

Microsoft is serious about their software such as Windows 10, Edge browser and Defender and wants to make them as secure as possible. As there are many attacks happening on Windows PC, So it is a good move by Microsoft to prevent their software.

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