5 Hidden Features of iOS 10 which will blow your mind.


iOS 10 is the latest iOS for Apple.So here I am with the top 5 Hidden features of iOS 10 which will blow your mind.But apart of this, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of iOS 10.

Hidden Features of iOS 10 – Maps: Find my car

Siri in iOS 10 now can tap into your iPhone’s sensors and can tell when you’ve stopped driving your car and started walking. Siri automatically drops a pin at this location—which is most likely where you’ve parked—then sends you a notification, and adds it to Maps.

hidden ios 10 features

Hidden Features of iOS 10 – Control Center: Change flashlight intensity

No more blinding lights. In iOS 10, you’ll be able to change the intensity of the flashlight; pick between low, medium, and high. Simply pull up the Control Center and use 3D Touch to tap on the flashlight icon.

hidden ios 10 features

Hidden Features of iOS 10 – Camera: Music keeps playing

One of the features that I find to be one of the most irritating things about the iPhone is that it automatically pauses the music every time you launch the Camera app. That all changes with iOS 10: You can take pictures of your friends without abruptly interrupting the dance party or record video selfies of you lip-syncing to Queen.

Hidden Features of iOS 10 – Mail: Easy unsubscribe

Apple didn’t completely revamp Mail in iOS 10, but it did include a much-needed feature. Now, every time you get an email from a mailing list, you won’t have to scroll all the way down to tap “unsubscribe.” Mail will automatically generate an unsubscribe link at the very top.

Hidden Features of iOS 10 – Music: Optimized Storage

This one’s a real life-saver for people with 16GB iPhones. In iOS 10, there’s a new setting that will allow you to optimize storage. How does this work? Well, if you are running low on storage, iOS 10 will automatically remove downloads of songs you haven’t listened to in a while. You can also set minimum storage that you can designate to music downloads, from none to 32GB.

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