5 programming bugs which created disaster in computer science world


Bugs are common in the programming field. Without errors or bugs, you can’t learn programming. But these Bugs look small in our life.

It is true that bugs put us in trouble but you don’t know that some bugs in the computer science history caused disaster. Here I will discuss 5 Biggest Programming Bugs ever in the Computer Science world.

1.) Y2K Bug

Without thinking of future of your program can create a disaster. It happened in the 1960s, that time programmers represent Years by 2 digits. For example, 1970 was represented as 70. Basically, they used a code to extract last two digits of the year to represent the year. But when 1 January 2000 came then that program was showing 1900 as year. This bug looks small but due to this programmers have to code software for PCs again.

2.) Ariane 5 Explosion

Ariane 5 was the name of a rocket which used to launch spacecraft. After launching, it exploded in less than 40 seconds. The main cause of the explosion is the bug in its code. The bug was integer overflow. It is the most common bug in the computer science history. It happens when a number is greater than the number can exist in a memory. That explosion incident resulted in a loss of $370 million.

3.) Paypal code error

Paypal is known for its trust. But there was a time when Paypal did the blunder mistake in the computer science history due to a bug. A man named Chris Ronald from Pennsylvania get credit of $92 quadrillion in his PayPal account which made him the world’s richest man for 2 minutes.

4.) YouTube error

Gangnam Style is the song which created the Guinness Book World record of maximum views on a video on YouTube. But before Gangnam Style YouTube store its view count in 32 bit integer type but as the view count of Gangnam Style is more than 32 bit integer type that’s why the views started to get negative values. After this comma YouTube changed view count integer type to 64 bit.

To know more about this Visit this link.

5.) Software failure in Patriot missile

In 1991, an Iraqi missile hit American army barracks which results in the death of 28 American soldiers including 98 injured. This happened because there was a bug in the rada of Patriot which resulted in the failing of tracking incoming missile.

I think you have got that How can a small bug create Blunder in the Program. So Today, I will say Safe Coding. 😀


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