5G Technology.5G vs 4G.How 5G is different from 4G and 3G?

    5G Technology. 5G vs 4G

    This World is becoming more and more technocrat and inventing new things all across the globe.Now,It is the time of 5G,forget 4G,forget 3G.Now it is 5G Technology,The new era of InternetIt is a post on 5G vs 4G

    Read this post to get the information of all new era of Internet.

    Mobile Network-5G Technology.5G vs 4G

    Most of the time the 4G users are in love with their phones because they are getting finest internet on his phone,which is 4G at this time.But Sometimes,your Internet lags during doing some stuff like 4K video streaming or streaming videos for VR and we think Let’s do these stuff on WiFi. To get out of this,New God is coming,Yes,It is 5G.

    It has been seen that in every decade a new Mobile Network Generation comes.In the 90s there was 2G then 3G came and before 5-6 years 4G means came and in 2018-2020 5G is going to come.

    What are the changes in 5G?5G vs 4G

    Literally,5G has many changes from 3G & 4G.The first change is of frequency bands.In 5G technology, Frequency bands of very high frequency will be used.  Generally, in 3G,4G frequencies are 700 MHz,800 MHz,1800 MHz,1900 MHz,2300MHz ,2600Mhz means here we are talking about 1 Ghz-2 Ghz but in 5G frequency range is starting from 28 GHz and it is going up to 39 GHz,42 GHz or 60 GHz.This frequency range is known as Millimeters Range because due to the increment of frequency,wavelengths decreases and has a range of 10mm-1mm.

    What are the cons and pros of 5G Technology over 4G & 3G?5G vs 4G vs 3G

    This technology has a pro and a con.The Pro is that due to high frequency you can send more data with very fast speed.The con is here that the range of this network is less because as much as frequency increase ,signals drop and loss are more,even it can be seen that it can’t penetrate opaque objects,Currently,This is the main problem of 5G networks. But to overcome this,there are many techniques like as we are talking about millimeters wave means the antenna size is very small,So we can use multiple pairs of antennas in our phone to increase signal strength.

    Currently,There is no standard for 5G as 4G which has LTE and 3G which has evideo or HSP etc.

    Recently Qualcomm launched its first 5G MODEM which is X50 and speed is up to 5Gbps


    5G Technology. 5G vs 4G

    Applications of 5G Technology

    5G Technology has endless applications.For example VR Gaming,Streaming 4K videos.So experience on them is incredible and Latency is so much less.

    5G Technology. 5G vs 4G




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