9 Creative Ways to Use LED Lighting Strips


Lighting can completely change the look of a room, the feel of a space and even make a delightful difference in your life and home environment.

LED lighting strips are an economical and effective way to add light and warmth.

It can change an area without having to do an expensive renovation. There are many ways that LED strip lights can brighten your life.

Check out these enlightening LED strip light ideas.

Show Off Your Collections

If you love collecting art or have a shelf full of trophies you want to showcase LED strip lights that are perfect. You can use them to highlight your collections for all to see.

You can achieve an intriguing and captivating look by using LEDs. Add them to backlight frames, artwork, and shelves or add LED strip lights to the frame of artwork you want to illuminate as a showpiece.

They’re a great option if you have collectibles like Royal Doulton figurines. LED lighting strips strategically placed in your display cabinet can be the perfect way to do so.

Mirrors and Vanities

If your family wants to look their best then LED lighting stips can help you all shine. Place them around a mirror or vanity. They’ll help you achieve a closer shave or get the finer details of your makeup application perfect.

You can even create a beautiful dress-up vanity and wardrobe for the kids to create a world of make-believe.  Add some lights to upcycle an end table or entertainment stand into a brand new world of imagination.

Pimp Your Ride

You can pimp out your ride from the wheel wells and undercarriage to the inside floorboards. LED strip lighting can help you bling them all.

Add lights to your hubcaps or give your car a “Cash Cab” aesthetic by putting lights on the interior ceiling.

It’s fairly simple to install LED lighting in a car and can turn your boring mode of transportation into the flashiest ride in town.

Adding them under the dash so that the floor is lit can make it easier for passengers to see what they’re doing on road trips without using the distracting overhead light or the flashlight on their phone.

They are also a great option for helping you see better when loading and unloading your trunk. Often the trunk light is one of the first things to get knocked out of commission, and even when it does work, it’s not always bright enough to actually let you see what you’re doing.

Step Lightly

You’ll never have to worry about missing a step when you add LED strip lights to your staircase. Soft and subtle lighting placed along each step and the banister can give your stairs an elegant look while improving safety for those late-night trips to the kitchen for a snack.

It can also be used to line hallways as they make the perfect nightlight option for children (of all ages) trying to find their way to the washroom after dark.

Decks, Walkways, and Garden Paths

LED lighting strips aren’t just for indoor use. They can add the perfect ambiance to your outside world as well. Pathways, garden beds, backyard decks, and porches can all be enhanced by the warm glow of lights.

You can even add a control panel that enables them to change colors, come on with a timer or be motion operated. So when guests arrive, their path is lit even when you weren’t expecting them.

This is also a great option when you want to sit outside and enjoy the evening together without attracting every bug in the neighborhood with bright overhead lights.

Closets, Cupboards, and Drawers

It’s hard to stay organized when you can’t see where anything is. You end up spending half your life looking for things and the rest of it having to put everything back after your search but LED strip lights can help you brighten the situation and find what you’re looking for.

Save yourself time by never having to search for a flashlight when looking for something in your storage cupboard if you add LED lighting strips to the walls, floors, and ceiling before filling it.

Lights, Camera, Action

If you’re wanting proper lighting for a photoshoot but don’t want to pay a fortune on expensive professional rigs to provide it, you can always make your own photography lighting with the same professional results.

You can feel like Anne Geddes or Andy Warhol with your own economical quality photography studio. Whether you’re shooting a picture of your latest meal to post on Instagram for foodies to oooh and aah over or you’re shooting a video for your YouTube channel, LED light strips can be used to give you the professional look you’ll need to attract the right kind of attention and get the followers you’re looking for.

Underwater Magic

LED strip lighting is a popular choice for water features and underwater environments as well.

Whether you want to have some soft lighting in the pool and around the deck while swimming on a hot summer night or you’re looking to add some lights to your aquarium in the living room you can get the vibe you’re looking for with programmable LED lighting.

You can turn your own old bathroom into your own personal spa area to let Calgon take you away with just a few lights added to the tub or shower.

Personalize Your Space

Whether you’re looking to add some flair to your bedroom, give the kids a more colorful playroom or want to add lighting to the kitchen that isn’t so harsh before you’ve had your morning coffee LED strip lighting can be a great option.

You can place lights under your top cupboards to illuminate your counters or along the floorboards, you can add some soft lighting choices instead of using stand up lamps or bright ceiling light fixtures that are often less than energy efficient

LED Strip Lighting Gives You Options Everywhere

You can create an environment that not only lets your personality shine through but also lights the way for you to enjoy being you.

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