9 Awesome Hacking Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know


Hacking is indeed fun but in order to okay with it, you ought to have your skills in it. A lot of people think that hacking is just about breaking the rules but let me tell you that it is not just about breaking the rules but doing so in a moral and ethical way. In order to break the rules, it is important to ensure that you know the rules thoroughly. Doing things with the prospects of keeping the cybersecurity in mind is all about ethical hacking. If you have got an interest in the field of technology and you think programming is in your mind, you can choose to take this up.

Hacking is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea! You must take it only if you are fascinated about this whole new world. The world of hacking is quite vast and every problem seems to be similar to that of a riddle. The answer to your riddle could only be found out if you can think beyond normal prospects, that is, you must be potent of blending your thoughts, amidst science, fiction, tech, philosophy and creativity along with logic. Solving issues in a way that keeps your moral concerns on track as well as enables you to remain competent at the same time amidst the hacking community. If you want to become a hacker, here are some of the tips that you need to follow:

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1. Never Give Up

This is the first and the most important rule that you need to keep in mind if you are actually serious about taking up hacking as your career option. You must welcome every problem with your open arms and hacking must be something that you enjoy doing, that should not be a burden to you in anyway. So be sure to proceed, only if you loving doing it. Another thing is that you should make your your mind to acknowledge the fact that you will not be able to gain success just in a single try. Therefore, you need to keep on experimenting with the same problem again and again until and unless you fetch something productive.

2. Know the Jargons

The world of computers contain a lot of terms and acronyms. In order to be an expert in your field, you need to have all the basics clear as that is the only way you will be able to understand even the minute deals and catch the right core to get into your solution.

3. Programming Should be Right at your Fingertips

Whatever you see along the web, be it a graphic, design or anything else, programs are hidden behind each one of them. In order to be a hacker, you ought to be an expert in programming. This would take years for you to learn. Starting with  the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) to that of C-based languages like JavaScript and then C++, Java and PHP should be your genre of expertise.

4. Learn the In and Out of the Systems

In order to be a hacker, you first need to be an expert in the operation of the systems that you are dealing in! Since hacking is all about getting into the systems and networks, you need to have a proper knowledge about the in and out of the systems and the networks.

5. Learning More about the Networks

Since the networks are responsible for maintaining the connection of devices across the web, it is essential that you get your outlook clear about how the networks function. Networks like an IP address, protocol, router, OSI, port, and subnet mask are some of the important elements. Make sure you grab as much knowledge as you can in these terminologies.

6. Creating an Open Source Project

This can be an outstanding learning experience provided that you are sharing it with your community members. This would also help you fetch a better understanding about the programming languages.

7. Participate in Forums

You will find plenty of online forums available on the internet. Choose any of them and make sure you follow that on a regular basis. You can also join multiple forums at the same time. This is truly an amazing place to boost up your knowledge in this subject. A forum is a place where you will find people interacting with one another. So, you see them asking questions and then someone or the other provided answers to the query. You can also participate therein. This way you do not only succeed in being able to analyze your own knowledge in the topic but at the same time, you get a good scope to learn new things.

8. Be an Active member of the Hacking Community

You must be active at a place where you have got your interest in. If you are really fascinated about knowing new things, you must join the hacking groups and community at the earliest. There, you will see several people sharing their experiences voluntarily. This will surely give you a knowledge about hacking and you would be able to realize how they perform to find the solutions to several kinds of problems. This will also give you the motivation to do well and at the same time, you can share your own discoveries. There’s nothing like you are giving out your creativity, rather it is more like a give-and-take policy. The more you learn to share and give out to your fellow mates, the more you will be able to learn respect from them in return. Besides, your skills would also get sharpened.

9. Take Inspiration from Programmers and Network Wizards

The hacking culture including the programmers and the network wizards will surely guide you along your path. Talk to them and take inspiration, this is how you will be able to motivate yourself in a better way towards making development in your own niche.

Hope these basic tips and tricks were helpful to you. There’s no end in this genre. Grab it as much as you can!


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