8 bad habits you should avoid as a programmer.


Programming is the basic thing for everything in this world. But if you are a starter in programming or intermediate then you have done these bad practices in your programming life.

If you want to improve your upcoming programming life then you must know What bad habits do you have related to programming.

Let’s move on to our topic of 8 bad things programmers should not do.

1.) Giving up earlier

Most of the newbies who started learning programming give up very soon. The reasons for that are I can’t understand logic, it’s not interesting etc. You can’t improve your programming skills until you do practice. If you do practice regularly then you would not give up. Here is a list of some sites which can help you in online practice of programming.

2.) Don’t ask for help

Without a guidance,  you can’t do anything. You should not be shy to ask any doubt to your programmer mate. The main reason you don’t ask to any program for doubt because you think that they would think that you don’t know such a small thing also. But it’s about you not for other ones. If you feel shy to ask face to face then you can use many online programming forums such as StackOverflow.

3.) Don’t accept your mistakes

You should be calm when someone tells you about a mistake in your code. You should listen to them and ask how to remove this mistake.

4.) Behave like a boss, not a leader

Many experienced programmers think that they are best but if you are best then you are not here. Nobody is perfect in this world. If you are holding a team of programmers then you should be like a teacher, not a boss. If they do a mistake then correct them, not scold them.

5.) Not using a Right tool.

It does not matter how did you learn programming. Only your skills matters. If someone suggests you a programming tool or framework then there would be something good in it. You should try it before leaving it. Maybe that tool will fasten your programming skill.

6.) Stop practicing

Again I am saying don’t think you are best. If you were getting projects regularly for your programming then it is best but don’t waste your time if you are free. Learn new things or practice your code to improve more.

7.) Not in a developer community

Community helps a lot, not in programming only but in every field. If you are programmer then you must have contacts with programmers and be active in your programmers community.

8.) Bad naming conventions

It was the biggest mistake by me when I am a newbie in programming. To do fast work, we sometimes name functions, classes or variables with alphabets like x, y, z but you should use good naming convention such as “length” if you are asking for length rather than alphabet “L”. It will help you to easily reread your program.

I think you got all the points correctly and will not do any bad practices from now. Keep Coding and Help others.



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