9 best Ad blocker for Android Phones without root in 2017.

best ad blocker for android

Advertising is the income source of many websites and other things available on the Internet. This is the first and most important source of income for the website owners. But many times we face too many ads on a single page of a website which makes us angry & annoying, that is the reason that ad blockers are getting famous. We can block any type of advertisement on our PC but Today We will look into Smartphone ads and will discuss best Ad blocker for Android.

When it comes to the smartphone, it is very difficult to stop all these ads which come across while browsing and playing games, some ads are too much longer that makes us irritated. Finding the best ad blocker for Android on the Google Play Store is more difficult because there are many ad blockers available in the Play Store but all of them are not same. Some ad blockers only block ads on a particular Browser, some works with VPN services and slows our Internet speed. So how to find the best ad blocker for Android smartphone. This is the reason that we are making a list of best ad blocker for Android.

There are two types of ad blockers available in the Android Play Store and Internet, first, those ad blockers that needs root permission to work and second don’t require root permission. We cover both the categories or section in our list of best ad blocker for android, we will mention the apps which need root permission. So, without wasting more time start our topic of best ad blocker for Android.

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10 Best Ad blocker for Android 

1. Ad Block Plus (Not available in Play Store)

  • It blocks all kinds of banners, pop-up ads, any kind of tracking and malware.
  • But doesn’t blocks good ads, which helps the website to work.
  • It is completely free to use.
  • It is an Open Source project.
  • Widely used ad blocker.
  • Never collect user’s any kind of data and information.
  • It is a Browser, you can surf the web without ads, but it cannot stop the application ads. It is one of the best ad blockers for android available in the market.

Download Link

2. Adblock Plus Samsung Internet

best ad blocker for android

  • It works as a browser based ad blocker.
  • It only blocks ads inside the Internet browser of Samsung smartphones.
  • It needs Samsung Internet 4.0 or above to work.
  • It also blocks tracking, social media buttons and more.
  • Works with the most popular ad blocker of history, ADB, which is the market boss in ad blocking extension.
  • It saves data and battery life.

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3. Ad-Vanish Lite (Not available in Play Store)

  • Works with both non-rooted and rooted smartphones/tablets.
  • Blocks ads in applications and games.
  • Very small in size.
  • But when I go to the download section of the app in Aptoide application, it says it is not trusted application. It makes me confused to download this app.

  • It works fine in blocking ads of all the applications.

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4. Adguard Content Blocker

best ad blocker for android

  • It is a browser based ad blocker which means it only blocks the ads in a particular browser, not in the complete smartphone ads.
  • Works with only two browsers Yandex Browser and Samsung Internet browser.
  • You can choose 20 language-specific inside this application.
  • General filtering rules list is also available.
  • 4.0 rating in the Google Play Store.
  • 1 Million downloads.

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5. Adaway for Rooted Smartphones (Not available in Play Store)

best ad blocker for android
Src: adaway.org
  • It is not available on Google Play because it voids the rule section 4.4 of the Developer Distribution Agreement.
  • It needs above Android version of 2.1 and root access.
  • AdAway is an Open Source and Free application for android(GPLv3+).
  • Blocks every kind of ad.
  • It doesn’t work on a 3G connection.
  • You have the facility to add and remove websites and applications to blacklist/whitelist category.
  • It doesn’t block ads of Chrome browser.
  • It has many other problems, you can read all of them here.

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6. MinMinGuard for Rooted smartphone (Not available in Play Store)

  • Blocks every kind of ads inside or outside the applications.
  • Requires Xposed Installer to work, that means it needs a rooted smartphone.
  • It is a lightweight app to remove ads.
  • It is an Open Source project.
  • Ability to select which application ads you want to hide.

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7. Opera Mini

  • It is a browser, built in with an ad blocker.
  • Very famous browser, that means you can trust on it blindly.
  • Only blocks the ads inside the browser.
  • Does not remove ads of other applications.
  • You can track your Internet.
  • 4.4 rating on the Google Play Store with approx 500 million downloads.

Download Link

8. AdClear by Seven (Not available in Play Store)

  • It is a non-root app which blocks every ad from your smartphone.
  •  It prevents all encrypted ads.
  • Works with any data pack, Wifi or Net Pack.
  • You can select the app, from you don’t want any ads.
  • Supports many browsers.
  • Creates a VPN from which the ads get filtered out. This means this ad blocker works in the background while you are using the web.
  • Filters all kind of ads, like YouTube ads, Encrypted ads, Clickbait ads and other useless ads.
  • It never stores your any kind of information and data.
  • It is recommended by XDA itself. Read the article here.
  • This is our personal favorite and best ad blocker for Android.

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best ad blocker for android
Src: block-this.com
  • It is another open source project.
  • Blocks all kind of ads, whether it is browser based ads or in-app ads.
  • It also provides malware protection and helps in increasing the browsing speed.
  • It comes with an antivirus feature also.
  • It doesn’t require root permission.
  • It works with VPN technology which also helps you in accessing those websites which are blocks in your country.
  • You can read all information of this application here.

Download Link

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Chart of Best Ad Blocker for Android

 Name Play Store Availability Root/No Root Type Download Links  Rating Downloads
Ad Block Plus  No  No Root  Browser  Link  ——–  ————-
Adblock Plus Samsung Internet  Yes  No Root Browser Based  Link  4.1/5.0  10 Million+
Ad-Vanish Lite  No  No Root  App  Link   ——-  ————-
Adguard Content Blocker  Yes  No Root Browser Based  Link  4.0/5.0  1 Million+
Adaway  No  Root  App  Link  ——–  ————-
MinMinGuard  No  Root Xposed Module  Link  ——–  ————-
Opera Mini  Yes  No Root  Browser Link  4.4/5.0 100 Million+
 AdClear  No  No Root  App Link XDA recommended  ————-
BLOCK THIS  No  No Root  App  Link  ————— ————-


There are many other ad blockers available but we only cover some of the best ad blocker for Android. If you ask us which one is best according to us, if your smartphone is not rooted then we will prefer you the AdClear by Seven, if you had a Rooted smartphone then you can use MinMinGuard, it works with the Xposed installer which makes it secure and light to your smartphone. This is our complete list of best ad blocker for Android. If you have any doubt you can ask us from the comment section.

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