3 best apps to record phone screen in Android like a pro in 2017

best apps that record your phone screen

Recording phone screen is a basic task for a YouTuber or a gamer. But sometimes we get confused between apps and can’t decide which app to choose for phone screen recording. I have a filtered list of best apps to record phone screen which are the best apps available on the Google Play Store at free of cost.

Recording phone screen is not a need of Youtuber or Gamer only. Sometimes, Normal Phone user need screen recording to help someone. I have an experience with this situation, I have sent recordings many times to my friends for their help. So Let’s start this topic without wasting a single second.

Best apps to record phone screen on Android.

1.) Mobizen

best apps to record phone screen

This app is simple to use and have more than 10 Million downloads. You can record your screen and take screenshots from this app. Not only phone recording feature, this app include features such as editing video, add an intro video or outer video to your recorded video. This app has simple UI which is quite easy to adaptable.

Let me tell you how to use this app to record your phone screen and many other features in a step by step manner.

  • Steps to use Mobizen for phone screen recording.
  • The first step is simple, download this app from Google Play Store.
  • After installing this app an air circle will pop up for recording.
  • Just click the air circle and the first option is of recording.best apps to record phone screen
  • Swipe down the notification bar and you will get the option to stop recordingbest apps to record phone screen
  • After stopping recording, you will get the option to play that recorded video.

Some other features of Mobizen

In air circle, there is a camera button also at the third position which helps you to take the screenshot of the screen. Now you have already noticed the second button of air circle. Now tap that button and swipe left and you will find all yours recorded videos at one place. At the bottom side of each video you will get three options – edit, share and delete options. Again swipe left to get into the settings of Mobizen. You will get many options in Settings including removing the watermark, changing countdown etc without paying a single buck.

Download Link: Mobizen

2.) AZ Screen Recorder

best apps to record phone screen

This app is precisely for screen recording feature because it has many dedicated features for recording. You can add a logo or text during recording phone screen which is good for your brand. The steps to use is similar to Mobizen but during recording, you can highlight main things like a pro, You have to enable this feature from settings. This app has many awesome paid features also but its free features are more than enough. Its features include Frames Speed, Bit Rate etc. There are no inbuilt features to edit your videos.

Download Link: AZ Screen Recorder

3.) DU recorder

best apps to record phone screen

I am putting this app at the last of this list – best apps to record phone screen because this app is somehow unique from above two apps. Simply you have to install it from Play Store and an air circle will pop up(similar to above apps) in which you get all the needed features such as recording, screenshot and all.

But at that air circle, you will notice one extra button. Tap that and then one another window will popup in which the front camera will open. This is the best part of this app, you can record your phone screen by showing your face like a pro gamer or YouTuber. In that camera popup window, you can switch between front and back camera and increase that window size.

best apps to record phone screen

The setting menu of this app is also different from the above apps because they have many premium options with no price. You can edit videos, merge videos, edit and blur your photos etc.

Wind Up 

There are many other apps available in the app store which can be put in this list of best apps to record phone screen but I did not include it because I want to filter this list with literally best apps.

I used all of the three apps mentioned above. Mobizen and AZ recorder are the apps with maximum downloads. DU Recorder is the app which has decent downloads with more interesting features than those two apps. Personally, I used to use AZ recorder for daily use but from some time, I am using DU recorder and satisfied with it (even more than AZ recorder).


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