12 Best free download manager to make your downloading fast.

Best Free Download Manager

Every week there is a new update is released for our browser, but one thing is missing in every browser, which is managing the downloads and features like pause and resume of the downloading file. That is the reason every PC or Mac user search for the best free download manager. There are tons of free download managers available out there, but how to pick free download manager for windows 10 or for other platforms. We are covering all the main platforms or OS (Operating System) for our readers. There are many options for the best download manager for windows 10 or other windows versions, but for other platforms, there are fewer options like Android and Mac.

What does the download manager do?

With the help of a download manager, a user can easily pause and resume the downloading file according to their need. It is a computer program which is used to download a file from internet to the system storage without affecting the speed of browsing.

Some download managers also used to accelerate the downloading speeds by downloading from multiple sources at one time. And some download managers differentiated by the fact that they do not prioritize accurate, complete and unbroken downloads of information.

And some download managers are dedicated to downloading any information over one or more protocols (e.g. HTTP), many are integrated into installers or update managers and used to download parts of a specific program (or set of programs), examples include Google and Adobe’s update managers.

Why Use a Download Manager

You can use your browser to download files, but a Download Manager helps you to download files more fastly, by spitting your downloading files into small packages, which helps you to pause and resume the downloading files.

And if you are a person who used to download files on a daily basis, then you must use a Download Manager.

What is the best download manager?

We are covering all the topics which help you all. Best free download manager for pc, Best free download manager for android, Best free download manager for Mac.

Best Free Download Manager for PC

For a Windows machine, there is always a huge variety of options to pick, but that all creates confusion, So how to pick best free download manager for windows 10 or best free download manager for pc windows 8, best free download manager for pc full version. You can pick from anyone like FlashGet download managerninja internet download manager, these are the two most popular download managers. We cover some more for you.

#1. JDownloader

Best Free Download Manager

This program is completely free to use, it is based on an open source with a huge developer community, which is available for you 24*7. It comes with all the features like pause and resumes, multiple downloads, support for all the popular sites, boost up your speed by downloading a particular file from different IPs.

It has some amazing features like the support of 300 decryption plugins. If you want to use it, then first you need a Java Runtime Environment and then select files carefully while installation because it comes with an adware which comes with it while installing the program.

You can customize it according to your needs, it comes with many theme support and languages also. You can use it on your Linux or Mac System.

#2. Free Download Manager

Best Free Download Manager

It is another free and open source program and you will get regular updates from its massive community of developers. It is the best alternative for IDM or Internet Download Manager, it has many features like you can use it to preview audio and video files, manage your traffic, BitTorrent Client, and download accelerator, HTTP and FTP, FDM connections.

It comes with some more features like you can schedule your downloads and then you can check your downloading list from any internet connected device from anywhere.

#3. Ninja Download Manager

This is a new program in Download Manager world, you can use it as Download Manager as it supports a chrome extension also. It has all the basic features of a Download Manager, speed limiting, shredding files, Download Queuing, availability of themes and ability to edit themes as per your needs and support for multiple languages. You can add your downloads to Ninja Download Manager in a click.

#4. Download Accelerator Plus

It works primarily to increase the speed of downloading files, as it uses multiple sources to download a single file. Another feature of this download manager is it can download videos from popular sites like YouTube and a few popular video streaming sites. You can convert YouTube videos to MP3. Some more features of this program: play video even before it’s finished, inbuilt video converter, FTP Browser. It also comes with a pro version.

You can convert YouTube videos to MP3. Some more features of this program: play video even before it’s finished, inbuilt video converter, FTP Browser. It also comes with a pro version.

Best Free Download Manager for Android

Smartphone users are also facing the same kind of problem because the built-in download manager is not that good, so we come with some free download manager for android phone or free download manager for android tablet. 

#5. Download Accelerator Plus

Best Free Download Manager

You can download any type of file from this download manager including archive files (ZIP, RAR), Video files (MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV), documents (XLS, XLS, PPT), music files (WAV, MP3, OGG), documents (XLS, DOC, PPT), Android applications (APK) with fast speeds. It speeds up your downloading speed by splitting the file into small parts and then download it with optimized buffering size.

It also supports multiple downloads at one time, Auto-resume corrupted downloads which stop due to a network problem, Smart error handling feature which prevents interruption between downloading the threads, it has a built-in browser with multiple tabs, bookmarks, and history, auto catch download when ever you copy a downloadable link.

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#6. Turbo Download Manager

Best Free Download Manager

This download manager helps you to download the files up to five times faster, it uses multiple HTTP connections at once to increase the downloading speed. You can increase the maximum connections per download and modify the buffer size from the Settings tab to optimize and increase the downloading speed.

You can use it to pause and resume downloading files, it works in the background so that you can do your other work, it notifies you when the downloading is completed, it has a download history and you can configure download directory setting according to your need.

#7. Download Manager for Android

You can manage all your downloaded files from this application which makes it one of the best free download manager applications for android, you can pause and resume your files. It supports up to 2GB of files to download at one time. You can start the downloading directly from the browser or by entering the URL by yourself.

It boosts your downloading speed up to three times, you can search by using voice search option, it supports Yahoo, Google, Twitter & YouTube search.

#8. Advanced Download Manager

It is the best free download manager applications for android, you can download the file in three different parts, and each part will give you a certain downloading speed, by this method you can choose the maximum download speed for each part by yourself.

It automatically resumes the downloading file if it stops due to any network error, when the network comes back. It also has an inbuilt browser and supports browsers like Dolphin Boat Browser and Chrome. It also increases the speed by using multithreading, and it will notify you when the downloading is completed, you can select your directory, where you want to save the downloading files, will go.

Best Free Download Manager for Mac

There are very limited options for the Mac Users to pick, but we cover some available best free download manager for Mac OS Xbest free internet download manager for Mac. You can choose your free download manager for Mac according to your needs and requirement. Here is some best free download manager for OS X.

#9. FOLX 5

It is a free download manager for Mac OS X, you can manage your downloaded files from this. It comes with two versions one is free and second one is paid, in free versions you have some basic features like downloading files into two threads, increase your downloading speed, Auto-resuming of downloads, Automatic catching of downloads, Torrent client with magnet links support, Spotlight integration, Plugin for catching downloads in popular Mac OS browsers, Quick Look integration, Support for Apple’s Retina displays, Various ways of adding downloads to Folx, Add-ons with special context menu for Folx for all browsers.

#10. Jdownloader

It is an open source download manager, it is written in JAVA Langage. It comes with an unlimited download limit, download as many files as you want, even from different hosts, pause and resume downloading files. It recognizes multiple addresses that you copy to the clipboard. You can copy and paste URLs to download files.

#11. iGetter

It helps you in boosting up your downloading speed using segmented (accelerated) downloading and comes with the ability to resume broken downloads by itself. You can scheduling downloads for low traffic, queue filtering by various criteria.

#12. Leech

The main focus of this program is to integrate with browsers, you can set a user name and password for the corresponding servers like if you are using a premium account on Uploaded.net for high downloading seed them you can set up an automatic login for maximum downloading speed. You don’t need any extension to use automatic download link catching.

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