7 Best gifts for programmers or software engineers.


Programmers are always true in life. Having a life partner or a friend as a programmer is the luckiest part of life. It is a different thing that Programmers can’t find a life partner easily. But if anyone in your group is a programmer and his/her birthday is coming then you may be thinking to gift him a good gift. So Let’s discuss some best gifts available for a programmer.

1.) Gunnars computer glasses

A programmer has to stare at the computer most of the day. An eyeglass which can help programmer from the visual strain, eye strain, and headache is the best gift. The look of Gunnars computer glasses is also good. It is the best gift which looks cool and prevents you from a health hazard.

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2.) Silent keyboard

A silent keyboard is a good Keyboard which can help you to increase your concentration towards coding without getting any unwanted sounds of keys. Apart of this, without disturbing anyone at night or in office, you can code easily with a silent keyboard.

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3.) 1TB WD hard disk

A hard disk is not helpful for only a programmer but helpful for every computer enthusiast. WD hard disk is best and secure hard disk. A programmer can save its important programs in hard disk, So gifted a hard disk is a good option.

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4.) T-shirts or mug

T-shirts or Cups with some amazing programming or hacking quote is always the best gift in the low budget segment. You can gift a T-shirt or mug to your programmer mate which will always remind him of you.

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5.) Arduino kit

Arduino kit is always popular between programmers. A programmer can convert their code into physical appearance using Arduino kit. At starting, Arduino is hard to use but after some time you will become a fan of it. So you can gift it to your programmer mate.

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6.) Raspberry Pi kit

Raspberry Pi is more popular than Arduino kit. You can gift this Mini Linux computer to your programmer mate. It is really an interesting gift for your programmer mate.

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7.) Online courses

Programmers always learn new things. Learning is always helpful for your knowledge. You can gift a subscription of paid online courses to your programmer mate. Before gifting this ask him little a bit about his interest. You can gift him courses from Lynda, Udemy etc.

You have decided that Which gift is suitable for your programmer mate in your budget. So What are you waiting for? Buy it now. Happy gifting.


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