8 Best Karaoke Apps for Android and iPhone in 2018

best karaoke apps

Music has always been an inspiration for the listeners as it touches both mind and soul. Creating a song that is bound to touch listener’s heart isn’t an easy task, as it requires expertise and days of hard work.

However, it doesn’t mean that you need a team of professionals to record a song. For those, who are using Android or iPhone devices, there is a good news. With new Karaoke apps, you can relive a dream of recording your very own sound track. Download the app and select a song you want to sing.

The app will synchronize your voice with instrumentals and create a karaoke track. So, whether you are an amateur or master of vocal art, these Karaoke apps provide an opportunity to sing and shine like music stars. Here, we have created a list of the best karaoke apps compatible with smartphones running both Android and iOS operating systems.

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The Best Karaoke Apps for Android & iOS

1. Smule – The Singing App

smule - the singing appSmule is an amazing app, compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. It surely is a great concept that not only lets you sing your favorite songs, but also allows you the opportunity to sing duets with your friends. It has a built-in list of top rated hits from famous artists and millions of songs and tracks to choose from. The most interesting part associated with this app is that you can record a duet with performer of your choice.


  • Easy to search song list based on title or artist
  • Perfect recording quality and pitch correction for real-time tuning
  • Ability to share your performance on social network
  • Adds other users as your friends by evaluating their best recorded tracks
  • Video filters and visual effects to make your recordings more beautiful and appealing
  • Connect with social media sites like Facebook

Download: Android | iOS

2. Sing Karaoke by Yokee

sing karaoke by yokeeShow your singing talent to the world with a huge variety of songs offered by this app. All the tracks are divided into categories depending on their genre and can be sorted out easily by typing the lyrics or artist. The text of each song is displayed, making it possible to sing correct lyrics. The amazing sound quality of this app allows you to create a masterpiece of your own. Yokee is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. Standard features of this app are available free of cost, however you can access exclusive features by paying annual or monthly subscription fee.


  • Top trending songs like Despacito, Perfect, Love Yourself and many more available
  • Auto-enhance available to tune your voice and add a little reverb to sound as best as possible
  • Find songs sung by your favorite artists easily
  • Songs available in multiple languages

Download: Android | iOS

3. StarMaker

starmakerSing your favorite songs in a professional way by using this top rated Karaoke app on your smartphone. With a vast catalogue of songs to choose from, you won’t ever get bored using StarMaker. Edit recorded songs with numerous effects and share it with your friends and family via social networks. With its cool features and easy to use interface, this app is surely a star maker.


  • Built-in sound quality enhancement feature
  • Hassle-free recording process
  • Collab with your friends and top artists and create amazing duet performances
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android devices
  • Edit recorded songs with a wide variety of available special affects

Download: Android | iOS

4. SingPlay: Karaoke Your MP3

singplay - karaoke your mp3This app is for those folks who have a vast collection of music and MP3 files on their devices and would love to sing and record their favorite songs. As such, you can enjoy singing your favorite tracks with or without the vocals and it makes it quite a unique experience.


  • Sing along with original vocalist or create your own track
  • Adjust your song’s tempo
  • Record only part of the song you like or record the entire song with the original music in the background
  • Share your recordings on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, or save them on your device as an MP3 file
  • Internet connectivity is not required

Download: Android

5. Red Karaoke Sing & Record

red karaoke sing and recordThis particular karaoke app is capable of expressing your singing talent in a professional way. You can record yourself singing the song, in audio or video format, and sing the song by following the lyrics on your device’s screen. There are more than hundred thousand songs available in the app, with the best and most popular ones. Some of its great features are described here.


  • Audio and video recordings with lyrics on the screen to read along
  • Large variety and number of songs (100,000+ in more than 100 music genres)
  • Tracks with their synchronized text
  • Outstanding voice quality
  • Wide range of sound effects, the ability to balance the music, add themes and customize the video the way you like
  • A premium unlimited VIP subscription with tons of extra features

Download: iOS

6. Stingray Karaoke (The KARAOKE Channel)

stingray karaokeWith the Stingray Karaoke app, you can begin singing the songs anytime you want and start a karaoke party with your friends to have lots of fun. The app provides a great selection of songs, including the top charts as well as all-time popular songs, which are updated regularly. You can save songs as favorites, add around 100 in the queue, find songs easily, and sing along with or without the vocals. The application allows you to record songs in your own voice and create the perfect karaoke tracks.


  • Search songs by title, lyrics or artist and browse the most popular song of any given time
  • Add 100 songs to the singing queue and keep the party going
  • High definition video streaming and most popular songs available in the app
  • Sing along with original vocals or create your own solo track

Download: Android | iOS

7. SingSnap Karaoke

singsnap karaokeSingsnap Karaoke makes it possible for you to sing popular songs in your own voice, record these songs or create the perfect karaoke track and share them with your friends and family. The app’s free version boasts of more free songs for you that other competing karaoke apps and there’s a whole community of singers online you can join and enjoy. The online version of this app is full of fun and you can take part in various competitions. Share, comment or exchange your singing experience with music lovers out there.


  • Capable of recording both audio and video clips
  • Social media synchronization and audio enhancements for the perfect song recordings
  • Sing duets with others users of this app, groups or with your friends
  • Secure your content with privacy settings
  • Share your recordings with the world and interact with other users by joining the online community
  • Paid version available that offers a ton of premium features including access to more popular songs

Download: iOS

8. KaraFun – Karaoke Party

karafun - karaoke partyKaraFun, as evident from name is a fun and one of the best karaoke apps with a huge music library and customizable tracks. Searching a song is quite easy, as what you have to do is to type the title or artist name. You can also download your favorite songs and create a playlist of your own. It is possible to sing and record songs in various modes. Moreover, tempo and backing vocals can be adjusted to give a genuine feel to the recorded track. It is an excellent karaoke app with frequently updated music content.


  • Thousands of songs available in the app, and you also have the ability to control each vocal track individually
  • There’s a favorites option available where you can save the songs that you like the most so that you can access them easily in the future
  • There’s an offline mode available, it receives weekly updates and it also works with Chromecast
  • There’s a premium version available that removes most of the limitations and gives you unlimited access.

Download: Android | iOS

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If you are inspired by the singer in you, try one of the best karaoke apps for Android and iPhone and explore your talent. If you think you can sing better than your friends, it would be a good idea to share your creations on social media using any of the top karaoke app for smartphones and challenge your friends to do the same.


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