8 Best Linux Distro available for newbie as per your need.


From a long time of the Operating systems we always saw only two OS at the top, Windows and MacOS, but if you are an innovative type person you always heard about LINUX DISTRO and want to know the best Linux distro. So, what is exact a LINUX is? First of all, LINUX is a Unix-like computer operating system assembled under the model of free and open-source software development and distribution. The defining component of Linux is the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds.

When anyone comes to the first time to the Linux world, they confused so much because there are so many LINUX DISTRO in the market and they confused to select which one is good for them. It is also so important to chose a best Linux distro because if we chose a wrong distro it gives a very bad impact on the user and it may result that he/she will never use again any LINUX distro again in its life.

There are so many best Linux Distros available but all had their own feature, some are very difficult to use for a normal user and some are like WINDOWS, and yes one more thing, all the applications, and programs in the LINUX OS are free because it is an open source distribution.


It is so difficult to choose the best LINUX distro among all these types so here I distributed all the versions in eight categories.

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  • Ease of Use: This goes to the LINUX MINT, which was originally created to be a simple operating system that has proprietary codecs and drivers. Another thing that many Linux users love about Mint is that it has a slower release cycle in a room to which is why it is without a doubt the most popular. Its Infamous Cinnamon Desktop is without the most popular desktop environment in the next community. It has a great array of pre-installed tools and apps and it comes with the best software store and package manager out there.best linux distro


  • Innovation: The winner of this category is UBUNTU, it has a long history in the LINUX world, and it was the first Debian derivatives. For your info, Debian is the God Father of all the Linux Distributions. It becomes so popular among all the distributions. It has an innovative desktop environment called as Unity. It contains all the apps which you use on your Mac or Windows system in its app store. They also made a Mobile version of its OS and it is very popular in the European World. It has its own two versions i.e Ubuntu studio for those who loves to edit videos and images, and Ubuntu Mate, which is a lighter version of Ubuntu. This is the best Linux distro and I am also using it too. best linux distro


  • Beauty: This goes to the Elementary OS, it is the very aesthetically pleasing operating system. It was created to pretty much be a gem among the links of TV shows. It is a Ubuntu derivative and it has an impressive custom code desktop environment this environment is called pantheon it’s very similar to Apple’s OS 10 it comes with originally written software such as the music player, video player, webcam app and calendar. It also supports tons of popular software as it supports the Ubuntu repositories.best linux distro


  • Simplicity: No other deserves this title than Puppy Linux which puppy was created to be the fastest, most lightweight LINUX distribution ever. It is not a derivative of anything and it was built from scratch, There are several different releases of puppy across the Linux world created by different individuals with different plans in mind, however all these is else will be under 200 megabytes and can run live or be installed in virtually anything from a full computer to a Raspberry Pi to a USB to micro SD.

They have support for tons of popular software and virtually anything that’s ever been created for the Linux community as I stated earlier are there many spin-offs some of these popular ones include the long-term supported release precise tar for the Ubuntu packages and lack of Slackware compatibility. While Puppy is without a doubt the most lightweight a hardware compatible Linux distribution out there.

best linux distro


  • SECURITY:  For this category, I had to choose Kali Linux formerly known as Backtrack, which this OS was created to be the best full fledge penetration testing or hacking tool period. It is a Debian derivative and supports all the debit 12 packages out there. It is fantastic for testing security of servers networks and hardware and very popular for network stress-testing AKA Das attack and is used by Anonymous and various hackers around the world I’d say it’s pretty damn stable as well unfortunately just because it’s an amazing hacking and security testing tool it’s definitely not untraceable it’s not unhackable and it’s not impenetrable. If you were truly looking for something and OS that provide you with more of the security that I would recommend getting TAILS which is the best Linux distro out there for anonymity.

best linux distro

  • Gaming: For years windows has been the reigning champion as the best operating system for a gaming experience however with a little bit of push from the LINUX community and the Steam team there is an operating system by the name of Steam OS, that was created for Linux gaming while it may not be quite on Microsoft’s level just yet it’s definitely on the path. The OS from the ever so popular Debian operating system and it comes with specific graphical and sound drivers that enhance gaming experience it also comes with the pre-installed steam client which makes it a must-have for steam machines and hardcore latex gamers although I will note that it can be pretty difficult to install depending on what hardware you have.

best linux distro

  • Comfort: While the use of Mac and Linux machines are growing throughout the world Windows still dominates the majority of the industry and most people especially basic and intermediate computer users even advanced users use Windows on a daily basis. Because of this, there have been several releases of Linux Distributions that were created to either mark or at least somewhat imitate the Windows experience to bring some of those users over to Linux or to lease make their transition easier the most successful of all these Linux distributions or Zorin OS which is a Ubuntu derivative. One of the things that make Zorin a best Linux distro is that it comes pre-installed with Wine and drivers to support windows software it also comes with a custom desktop similar to windows seven which is known as Zorin Desktop.

It comes with pre-installed themes and designs for Windows 10, 7, XP and also fellow Linux users and it supports tons of popular software. One thing to note is that it is lighter than Windows 10 and 7 and it’s much lighter than the PC Linux OS stroke which is its main competitor. While it does lack the bells and whistles of Windows 10 such as the beautifully designed transparent windows, voice recognition,, multimedia editing capabilities of some of the apps, compatibility with 99% of the software in the industry and automatic updating it is definitely on the path to becoming quite the suitable competitor and in my opinion if you are coming from windows especially windows7 or XP and you want to retain that same experience you had with Windows but just want to get rid of all the crappy stuff well then this is your best Linux distro option.

best linux distro

  • Customization: The last category on this list is going to be customization and I think the reigning champion of customization is going to be Arch Linux which was initially created to be in advance and lightweight Destro you can build from the ground up. It is no derivative but a grandfather of many other distributions out there and it is built from scratch. One other thing about art is that the actual base installation is incredibly small and because art can be so complicated and require a lot of learning to actually get anything done it’s great for well educating yourself about that Linux commands.

In script you can truly optimize Arch how you want with your own desktop environment, your own windows managers, your own file managers, your own package managers and of course you can also use the incredibly custom-made package manager that the arch team themselves responsible for Pac-man and also use the incredibly awesome and powerful front end manager by Matt. You can also use the popular spin-off of Arch for regular computer users manjaro which I use on a daily basis if you do plan on installing arch the normal way then plan on it taking from 20 minutes to several hours to even a few days depending on how much time and knowledge you have.

best linux distro

Wrap Up of Best Linux Distro

So I think you made your choice. The choice depends on you that What is your priority? If you love Gaming then choose Stream OS Linux, if you love to discover new things means want to do customization then Arch Linux is for you. Overall, Choosing a best Linux distro is only depends on your choice.So, I hope you choose the best Linux distro for you and Enjoy the world of  Open Source OS.


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