Which programming is used to make Bitcoin? And why?


Bitcoin is a virtual currency that can never be traced by any government or private agency which makes it popular for the transaction between individuals of different countries. Nowadays it’s becoming very popular and many people don’t know about it. Bitcoin is developed with the help of programming language and some don’t know which programming language is used to make Bitcoin. Today we are discussing on this question.

Bitcoin’s core is written in C++ with many of its source files and scripts are written in other languages. The different clients of Bitcoin like Bitcoin wallet and MultiBit¬†are written in Java.

Now another question comes to your mind which is why C++ is used to make Bitcoin.

There is no personal preference of developers who developed Bitcoin that they choose C++, there are some other reasons to use C++. The main important reason is that the Satoshi codebase was written in C++. The first choice to pick C++ to write the Bitcoin code is that to avoid the bugs which cause many problems and developers don’t want to re-write the code from scratch.

Yes, we know all programming languages have problems and flaws and C++ is no rare, there are many other reasons to make it a proper language to write codes for Bitcoin. The second reason is that C++ provides very strong control over the memory usage. Other languages or modern languages makes it impossible to control the memory usage. Bitcoin is used by the help of Internet and those things which use the Internet comes with many security issues comes with them.

The another important reason to choose C++ is the performance Optimisation because it is very important for Bitcoin to work properly and fast while doing transactions.

So I hope, you have found your answer.


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