Saturday, June 24, 2017

6 Best free HTML Editor on Windows, Linux & Mac in 2017.

If you are a web developer then the basic need for you is the HTML Editor. You may spend more time with your HTML Editor than anyone...
Windows 10 hotspot

How to create Windows 10 Hotspot? (Work in all WIndows)

It is easy to connect WiFi through your Windows 10 PC. But the difficult part is how your friends can connect to your PC. Nowadays in Internet...
what to do after installing ubuntu

What to do after installing Ubuntu to become perfect Ubuntu User?

Operating systems are one of the main things of our desktops or laptops because this is the first thing that we see when the system first time...

Top 3 methods to create a Bootable USB Drive in Windows in few steps.

From Floppies to CDs/DVDs and now USB we go from these three eras of installing any Operating System on our PCs.  We used these three medias to transfer,...
dual boot windows 10 and linux

Dual Boot Windows 10 and Linux (Basically Ubuntu) in just 11 steps.

Computer Geeks or Tech Enthusiasts love Linux due to its availability easily. And if you are a Hacker (Either White Hat or Black Hat) then you definitely...

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