best game recording software

10 Best Games Recording Software to Use in 2018

Whether you want to record a game video to show it to new gamers who want to learn the game by watching tutorial videos or you have...
forget login password windows computer

What to Do If You Forget Login Password on Windows Computer?

It is very frustrating when you try to log in to your computer and you don't remember your password. You get more frustrated when you try to...
windows 10 timeline feature

Best Windows 10 Features and Facts – What We Should Know

As a lot of people say that the advent of Windows 10 has offered a new life to the Windows, I, too, agree with the same. It...
Facts you should know about Windows 10

Facts you should know about Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest windows made by Microsoft and it comes with many new features, new look, new applications and a new browser. It also comes...

6 Best free HTML Editor on Windows, Linux & Mac in 2017.

If you are a web developer then the basic need for you is the HTML Editor. You may spend more time with your HTML Editor than anyone...

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