Charging a phone twice or thrice a day is one of our daily routines. But what if you are able to charge your phone once in three months.

Scientists have developed a new material due to which processes will take 100 times less energy.

A new magnetoelectric multiferroic material is developed by the researchers at Cornell and Michigan Universitiess.

Magnetically polar film made up of three layers of atoms is used to make this material. Just a small amount of energy can flipped it from positive to negative.

This material is consuming less electricity because it uses the streams of binary code such as ones and zeros which is generally used in computers.

At present, we use processors made up of semiconductors. Semiconductors need a constant flow of electricity that’s why it get consumed very fast. But the magnetoelectric multiferroic processors would take a very less amount of electricity.

At present, electricity used by electronics appliances are only 5% of total electricity on the globe. But as the industry of Electronics is growing so fast that’s why by 2030 electronics will consume 40 to 50 percent of total electricity on globe.

I don’t know about you but I am eagerly waiting for these processors.



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