Compare BMW 5 Series 2017 with its Predecessor. Its Reviews


Since the beginning in 1972, of the 5 series of BMW has always been a best seller and is now clear of the segment.The highlights of the all new BMW 5 series 2017 are its outstanding dynamics, its excellent interiors, and its intelligent business assistant systems.

Read this post to get a closer look of all new BMW 5 series.Let’s start with Exterior designs.


The new headlights are the true eye-catcher which is for the first time in BMW 5 Series 2017 that the lights are seamlessly integrated into the kidney grille and this gives the car more sporty and broad stand on the road.Also in the front, there is the so-called active airstream grille.Now, This grille has an opening and closing function which improves aerodynamics and reduce CO2 engines.

Front View
BMW 5 Series 2017


Now, Let’s move over to the side.Here, The shoulder line has true design innovation which is divided into two parts.Now, It starts in the shade, moves over to the light and has the upper line ending in the BMW icons so-called mustard.

Side View

BMW 5 Series 2017

The rear is the clear statement of sportiness.The focus is on with taillights and their dynamic contours, They have been stretched to the side of the rear and there is slender and wide interpretation of the typical BMW L-shape.

Rear View


Specs and Some cool features

Lightweight was a key goal in the development of all new BMW 5 series and this is the one reason for less consumption and improved agility. Now a lot of parts are aluminum like almost the entire body shell and the result is weight reduction of 100 kg compared to its predecessor.

The heart of every BMW is its engine and what we have here is the 540i with impressive figures such as 340 horsepowers and an acceleration of 0-100 mph in only 5.1 seconds.

The bench market efficiency is set by the BMW 520d efficient dynamics edition with its average fuel consumption below for the leaders, it is the true efficiency champion and not to forget the outstanding drag coefficient of only 0.22.

Another highlight is integral active steering.Now this gives you outstanding agility while in action more stability while changing the lanes and a smaller turning radius.This technology combines the steering of rear wheels with the variable steering angle of the front axle.

BMW 5 Series 2017

BMW drivers can usually select between 3 different drive modes-Sport, Comfort and Echo Pro, but the all new 5 series BMW offers  4th one Adaptive mode. The adaptive mode automatically adapts to your individual driving style and intuitively react to a number of indicators such as steering wheel movement, velocity or even a navigation system.This ensures a perfect balance between comfort and sport mode.


Recently, A lot of Car lovers talking about highly automated driving and a milestone toward this goal is BMW’s Driving Assistant plus.One of its features is steering and lane control assistant that the system strain off the driver, especially on highways, that offers semi-automated driving when taking over.Crossroads are the key accidents area but the crossroads warning in all new BMW 5 series warns you in case of potential collisions with crossing traffics, Its preconditions your braking system and supports you in case of emergency braking.

These are just a few of many driving systems in the all new BMW 5 series.Now Let’s focus on interiors.


The interiors are really harmonious and this is based on the high manufacturing quality but also on the perfect combination elegance and sportiness .

The remarkable thing in the interior is the new dashboard monitor.Now it is the first automated optimized touch interaction system in the automotive industry and it offers live content and possibility for personal configuration.The all new car interaction system helps you to concentrate on driving while you interact with your vehicle.You can use the touch function of the center display, you can use gesture control, moreover, BMW has also worked on the voice assistant but now it offers the highest possible level of speech command.

BMW 5 Series 2017

BMW is also known for its wireless cellphone charging but the new BMW 5 series has even more to offer i.e the full wireless integration of all your smartphone functions.In the interior, the ambient light package gives the all new BMW 5-series a unique atmosphere and supports the design language of the vehicle and this atmosphere is great to enjoy the excellent sound of the diamond sound system by Bower and Wilkins. Now this is you never were seen or heard before in a commercial product.

BMW 5 Series 2017

To make your life easier, the all new BMW 5 series comes along with something special.BMW connected your new personal mobility companion that accompanies you throughout your day and perfectly integrates into your new BMW 5 series, for example upon entering your 5 series, BMW connected onboard shows all relevant information on your personalized mobility agenda.Now your smartphone connects wirelessly with the car and the screen pops up automatically but BMW connected offers a lot more interesting functions which among others help to optimize your time.

My Honest Opinion on BMW 5 series 2017

The all new 2017 BMW 5 series is the sportiest business sedan in its segment and it sets the benchmark when it comes to automotive assistance systems.If you want to know more about BMW 5 series then Click here


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