CPU vs GPU.Why we need GPU? Comparing CPU & GPU.


    Nowadays Gaming has become a passion.If you are not a deep gamer and want to be a gamer then definitely,you have a question that What is the difference between CPU and GPU?,CPU vs GPU But If you are a part of this passion like me then you should know who is the winner between XBOX SCORPIO and PS4 PRO .  

    Maybe you have confusion that Why I can’t play games like GTA 5 or Watchdogs etc on my latest i7  processor while my friend with the old i3 processor but with a high-end graphics card can play these games.This situation makes you batty.In this case, you would think What is GPU ? and Why it is better than CPU for gaming purposes? Let’s see what is the reason.

    CPU vs GPU

    This comparison is same as CPU means Central processing unit and GPU means Graphic processing unit.CPU and GPU both are microprocessors but the way of their designing & work is totally different.

    If we talk about CPU then you’ll get that it is a general processor.It is good at doing lot of things quickly.Modern PCs are general purpose machine like making the spreadsheet,chatting,watching movies,listening music,gaming,browsing internet etc.For all this,PC has to follow some instructions to do multitasking efficiently.

    But GPU is only for the single purpose which works on graphics.Graphics are of two type Integrated graphics and Dedicated graphics.Integrated graphics are internal graphics which is a part of your processor like if you have intel graphics then you can get intel iris graphics or intel iris pro graphics etc and dedicated graphics are some graphics card which you buy externally like AMD,Nvidia etc.AMD and Nvidia are big competitors in this graphic industry.


    cpu vs gpu

    Why we need GPU for Graphics?

    Let us take an example that you are paying Watchdogs,now during this, your player have to move back and forth,have to look around,have to communicate with others characters in game etc and this needs a lot of instructions for processor which is not easy for a single CPU that’s why GPU is made for this particular work.


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