Why Custom Electric Motorcycles are Hotter than Jennifer Lawrence

Why Custom Electric Motorcycles are Hotter than Jennifer Lawrence

Motorcycles, the future of these vehicles or transport is going too far after the release of some gasoline-powered superbikes. But what happens when we saw the Global Warming problem, yes it is a big problem, then what? Now, what about the future of the motorcycles? Yes, there are so many electric sports bikes that can do all these things which you can do with normal petrol-powered motorcycles, but there are so many guys who love custom motorcycles but these new electric motorcycles don’t allow you to make a custom electric motorcycle with your own.

Custom motorcycles become an important part of the biker world and in the recent years, they got a lot of attention after none other than Keanu Reeves announced that he was starting his own custom electric bike company: Arch Motorcycle Company.

Now the same concept is coming to electric motorcycles and while it’s not accessible to everyone, it’s still interesting to see more options for EVs on two wheels.

Union Motion, a startup based in the UK, launched the ‘Phaser Type 1’ this week to showcase what they can do when it comes to creating custom electric bikes.

The company wrote in a press release:

The Phaser Type 1 started life as a ‘98 Fazer 600. We got it as a rolling chassis, just frame, forks, swingarm and wheels. Once de-tabbed, the double loop frame made a great base for experimenting with battery location and drivetrain layout. After a little trial and error, we settled on a conventional motor location, echoing the final drive output of the original engine.

You will find a 6 kWh battery right above the motor in this custom electric motorcycle. The pack sits on a set of rails that allow it to be easily removed from the rear of the bike. The company says that the pack can be replaced in under five minutes. They estimate a range of ~60 miles on the 6 kWh battery pack, but again, you can customize the bike for your needs.

They released a gallery of pictures and it’s quite a simple, but stunning, custom electric motorcycle:


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