Cyanogen is dead.Worse Christmas for Technology.RIP CyanogenMod

Cyanogen is dead

Last Thursday, CyanogenMod Inc. announced that all services of CyanogenMod is shutting down and there will be no so-called nightly updates in the devices which are using these Custom ROMs Cyanogen is dead

CyanogenMod revealed an article on its official site A fork in the road”  and now this article can’t be open.All services will be stop after 31st December.

Cyanogen is dead

You will not get any support from CyanogenMod.Source files will be available if you want to develop your own Custom ROMs

One Plus One and Lenovo Zuk Z1 and will have to move over to the open-source CyanogenMod ROM, which isn’t a commercial OS and is run by a community of developers.

The new take on CyanogenMod will be called LineageOS. The project is still in stealth mode.

It is believed that Kondik is directing the project. The forked operating system is expected to be built on top of the existing CyanogenMod 13 and 14 versions.

Cyanogen is dead

The future of Custom ROMs is in the dark because this time CyanogenMod is at the end.

But all is not lost – the CyanogenMod team is working on a Lineage open souce OS,which will use the CyanogenMod source Code.According to their article,Now CyanogenMod has started working with their originated developers.



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