A Cyber attack occurred in UK parliament to gain weak passwords.


On Saturday, hackers attacked UK Parliament and shocked the UK cyber security. This attack is the question against cyber security of UK parliament.

The Attack was to access the passwords of emails of some parliamentary user accounts of MPs. The motive of attack is to gain passwords of all MPs account. Huffpost UK’s article revealed that hackers wanted to determine weak email passwords through this attack. It is not reveal that how many users were affected by this.

Due to this, now users can’t remote access their emails. They can use their emails in WestMinister only. Remote access can create more security issues.

Now the users are using text messages instead of emails as said by liberal democrat Chris Rennard. Britain’s international trade secretary, Liam Fox told to ITV news that this attack is just a warning to cyber security. We have to use better passwords and need more security.

National crime agency and national Cyber security Centre are looking in this case.



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