12 Unknown Dark Hidden secrets of Dark web.

    dark web secrets

    Dark web is growing each and every day. This illegal place on the web really sucks but it is attracting the youth. Recently a dark web game – blue whale was the reason of 100+ suicides. First of all, you should know there is a difference between Deep web and dark web. Let’s begin about topic of unknown facts of dark web

    1.) In 2001, the data size of the dark web 7.5 petabytes and in 2003 it became 91,000 petabytes. At this time, estimating the size of the dark web is not possible because many things are hidden.You can access

    2.) You can access the dark web through Tor browser only.

    3.) There are many books available on the dark web which is not available on market due to ban. These books are mainly focused on criminals and many illegal things.

    4.) You can get the details of stolen credit cards which are used by online thieves for carding.

    5.) You can create fake IDs for any country from Dark web like passport etc. Starting price of these services are from $1,000 and it is the most popular service on the dark web at this time.

    6.) Every transaction on dark web occurred in Bitcoins because it is not trackable. But recently government track many Bitcoin transactions.

    7.) The most disturbing thing on the dark web is that you can buy spirits also from Dark web. These spirits are of aborted and miscarriage children.

    8.) There are many journalists who use the dark web when they are against the government or leaking something illegal happening in the government sector.

    9.) Google or any popular search engine can’t index any page of the dark web. This is the reason that many deep and dark secrets of aliens, wars and some animal species are available on the dark web.

    10.) Many peoples think that why the government is not banning dark web but the hidden truth is that many governments give sponsorship to dark web mean government is running dark web.

    11.) Dark web is the base of illuminati group. Many few people know about illuminati but it is a group based on black magic which helps people fulfill their dreams.

    12.) Government recruits top secret agents from Dark web. The person who find and solve very difficult puzzle which launch by any government help them to get this recruitment.

    These facts about dark web are really fascinating. I would personally recommend you that don’t visit dark web because your one bad move can lead you in biggest trouble of your life. There are a ton of JavaScript available on dark web which can put malicious code on your computer and can hack your everything available on your PC or phone.


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