9 Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating a programmer.


Recently while searching the Internet and find something cool and funny related to the programmer’s life. Then an idea knocks my mind of making an article about advantages and disadvantages of dating a programmer. If you are in a relationship or coming new into a relationship with a programmer then you must read this article and I am definitely sure that you will enjoy this article.

So we are discussing pros and cons altogether.

  1. Programmers don’t cheat anyone because they barely have time for this but they don’t have time for you either because of the programming.
  2. The second advantage is a programmer loves to strip, touch, finger, unzip, mount etc. but the disadvantage is these all are Linux commands.
  3. All the programmers are super smart like they will help you to solve any problem with the help of a flowchart.
  4. Programmers love to kiss but the disadvantages it is the kiss principle.
  5. Another advantage they won’t bug you, but the disadvantage is they all spend all day in debugging.
  6. Programmers could give you Perl and Ruby and the disadvantages these are the programming language, not the precious stones.
  7. Programmers can speak various languages but the con is these all are programming languages like Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, C+and so on.
  8. All the programmers like to play with toys and the toys are like gadgets, phones and actual kid’s toys.
  9. Programmer gives you a complete space because they are seriously sticked to their computers.

These are all the advantages and disadvantages of dating a programmer hope you all like it if you have more suggestions you can inform us by doing a comment down below.


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