EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review – How to Recover Deleted Files?

easeus data recovery software review

We have all been there and experienced the frustrating moment when we accidentally delete some useful information from our computers. That information can be professional, like official documents or files; or it can be personal, like your family photos and precious memories. So, what can you do if you’ve accidentally deleted them? Do you think you can them everything back? Well, there’s a way you can indeed recover the deleted files and that is by using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Software!

There are many data recovery software available online that you can download for free, but EaseUS’ software has stood firm in the top position for years, and it doesn’t seem that it’s willing to part ways with the top spot as it keeps getting better, by adding new features with every new update, over the years and overshadowing its rivals. So, if you’ve been looking for a way to recover deleted files on your computer, or laptop, then here’s how the software makes it easy for you. In this article, we are going to have a look at the steps needed to follow using the recovery wizard, and also have a look at all the amazing features it offers!

How to Recover Deleted Files Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

There are a lot of things that the software is capable of doing, which we will have a look at later in the article; but for now, we will only focus on the main feature of the software and that is how to recover deleted files with ease. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: First of all, download the recovery software from its official website. It’s available for free as well, which you can give a go before upgrading to the PRO version. (The free version allows recovery of only 500MB of data, and if you want more than that then you need to go PRO).

Step 2: Once you’ve installed the program on your computer, it’s time to get started. Launch it on your system and you will be greeted with a welcome dashboard like the one in the image below!

easeus data recovery software

Step 3: Now, you need to select the location of the drive where the deleted files were stored. Either you can select the entire hard drive location, or you can select a specific folder as well for speedy process.

easeus data recovery software

Step 4: Once you have selected the specific location, click on the “Scan” button in the bottom-right corner and the software will begin to locate all the deleted files that were present in that location.

Remember, the process may take some time depending on the size of the folder, or the drive, and the scan mode that you’ve selected, so you have to be extremely patient at this point and let the software complete the process. As soon as the scanning process is complete, you will see the entire list of deleted files on the dashboard.

easeus data recovery software

Step 5: The data is going to be huge, so you’ll have to go looking for the files that you accidentally deleted, and not intentionally. Once you’ve found the files you want to recover, you need to select only those and then hit the “Recover” button at the bottom of the screen.

Choose the location where you want to save the recovered files, and then click on “Save” and the program will begin the recovery process and save all your files safely in the specified location.

easeus data recovery software

This the entire process that you can follow in order to recover the lost files on your computer. If the Quick scan doesn’t give you the desired results, then perform the Deep Scan so that the program performs a thorough search, which will take more time, but find almost all the deleted files which you can then recover on your storage easily.

Other Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

Although the main features of the software, and the one it’s most popularly used for, is the data recovery, there are other features as well which the program offers that you may be interested in knowing about. Here are some of the best ones you should know:

  • Scan Modes: The data recovery program comes with two types of scan modes – Quick and Deep. The Quick scan mode performs a search using basic algorithm for faster results, while the Deep scan scans the storage sector by sector to ensure complete data recovery and thus takes a long time.
  • Preview the Files: One of the best things about the software is that it shows you the entire list of the deleted files that it found and doesn’t just recover it automatically. You can select which files you’ve been looking for, and only recover the ones you need and not the ones that you deleted intentionally.
  • Multiple File-type Support: You can recover 1000s of file types with the software including documents, graphics, videos, audio files, emails and other files as well like the ZIP files, HTML files and even “.exe” setup files.
  • Formatted Recovery: When you format a disk, it doesn’t erase all the data on the said disk but only the address tables. So it’s very much possible to retrieve the deleted data from the disk after the format using the recovery feature.
  • Lost Partition Recovery: You can scan for the deleted data, and restore it, even if the entire partition on your system is missing.
  • Corrupted Hard Drive: When the hard drive on your computer or laptop becomes corrupted, it becomes inaccessible and you can’t access the data stored on it. EaseUS comes in handy in this situation as it helps you find the data stored on it once again.
  • Virus Attack Recovery: Getting infected by virus is one of the biggest headaches but with the data recovery software, you can easily recover your data safely and quickly without worrying about the virus and other threats on your system.
  • Other Features: The data recovery software also comes with other features which include RAW Partition recovery, OS Crash recovery, Recycle Bin Empty Data Recovery and much more.


So, if you’ve made the mistake of deleting important files from your system and are now frantically searching for a way to get all of them back, then you’ve found the ultimate solution. Use the EaseUS data recovery program on your computer, perform a quick search in the specified locations to get a list of all the deleted files and then select the ones you want and recover those back.

If you liked the article, then do share it with your friends and also let us know how the recovery software is working on your computer and if you were able to recover the deleted files on your system via the comments section below!


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