What is Proxy site? Top 20 Free proxy sites to browse anonymously.

free proxy sites

You have heard about Proxy Sites that it is safe and secure.But Before using any proxy site What are the things you should consider? and Which are the best free proxy sites to safe your identity?

The meaning of Proxy: Proxy means resembling of something else.

What is the work of Proxy Sites?

As I told you that proxy means resembling of something else. So, Proxy sites mean resembling of some other websites.Let us understand with an example that You are using a public computer at Internet Cafe and using it to check your mails, doing some banking works and more.At that time you are sharing your details like passwords, card details to that PC.Actually, You left the computer but your identity didn’t leave that PC and maybe some evil eyes crack it and use your identity.

So Facing a proxy site, What happens is all that information stored right on the proxy website.So There is no tracking record after you close the session of browsing.For example, if you are opening eBay by proxy site then first your server will hit the Proxy server and then hits the server of eBay means there is always an intermediate between your browsing which will save your data and make you safe.So Let’s discuss our topic on best free proxy sites.

free proxy sites

Top 20 Free Proxy Sites

Should You Trust Free Proxy Sites?

free proxy sites

  1. You should use that proxy site which is popular on the web and used by many Surfers.If you never heard the name of that site then don’t pass the encrypted information to that site.
  2. Use Proxy site for browsing only if you are using untrusted Proxy Site.



  1. Thought I said it already (?). Streamed TV & video on overseas websites, eg: abc.net.au/iview, BBC (UK BBC not the Nth American cable version).It’d probably also be used to watch US netflicks (more content on the US version compared to the Canadian version).

  2. From what I read I thought it’s not recommended to use free proxy servers/sites, wasn’t there a scandal a few years back with Hola scaming their users. I personally use Oxylabs.io proxies or Stormproxies.


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