Google is changing its homepage first time after 1996.


The main page of the Google which has a logo and a simple Search Box with a white background is now going to change for the first time since its launch in 1996. In new Google homepage, you can see a lot of new features like news-based feed and much more.

Last Wednesday Google announced that they are implementing many customizations to the Google Feed, which was launched in December 2016, this time it is going to be more advanced with the help of Company’s “advanced machine learning algorithms“.

The vice president of Engineering at Google, Shashi Thakur says that users now see many new cards which includes top news, new music, sports highlights, engaging videos, story to read and much more. The feed is not only based on user’s interaction with Google but now it also includes several other information like what is trending in your local area and all around the world.

Now users can also follow topics directly from search results like movies, sports, celebrities and music, all the updates will be shown on feed. This update will come in the US market first and then after some weeks, it will go live for international users.

Many years ago, Google also tried this with a new homepage called iGoogle which includes many web portals of the day but this will stop in November 2013. But, iGoogle is only available for those users who are logged in and selected the iGoogle for search rather than the default search box on the Google homepage.

It is not clear that the google assistant is also combined with this new feed or not. But, if you want to use this new search, you need to log into google and it may appear the tablet like experience of Google feed. This new feed also includes things like calendar events and boarding passes of the user which is linked with the users’s Gmail and Google Calendar.

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