Growing Your Business: How Microsoft Teams Can Help Make This a Reality


Startups and businesses often find themselves in a situation where moving from their initial conditions to a bigger scale seems like a daunting task. Especially if they have been using different tools for different reasons, sometimes, getting process streamlined will prove difficult.

With Microsoft Teams, optimizing productivity is more manageable, as specific business processes, communication, and collaboration can easily be organized within the company.

What is it all about?

Teams is a platform where people can manage chats, conversations, and anything that is needed for your business.

There have been numerous changes throughout the years on how businesses communicate internally and file collaboration easily arranged to ensure a seamless flow of information.

The platform allows for an open environment where everything is easily managed and accessed. Everyone in the business will always know what is up and what needs to be changed.

Some of the features that businesses can enjoy with the use of the platform are the following:

A workspace where team members can chat and can be easily customized with different channels that exist based on your needs. With the advent of the internet, accessing information became a breeze, allowing ideas to be shared more openly and across the board.

Automatic access to tools and other Office 365 apps; the platform also allows team members to create, edit, and share files directly. Employees can also maximize the capability of the Google Suite and share insights, ideas, and information within the suite.

Quickly join meetings and schedule video conferences. Virtual communication has been the most critical and cost-effective measure that business put importance to more than ever. With the use of Microsoft Teams, people can schedule, agree on a time, the topic of the meeting, and people who should be attending.

What can you expect?

Communication is made easy, as you do not need to remember a lot of login details because everything is in one convenient place. People are also informed quickly of any updates without the need for inclusion in an email thread.

There would still be a need for other apps, but the purpose will be for better management. People can immediately recognize and prioritize communication, whether they are for external or internal communication. Employees would not need to worry about whether to ignore or read a particular email because the flow is manageable, allowing the right people to receive the correct information.

Let’s say there are different teams for different business needs. A collaborative space can quickly be set up to have better management and flow of information.

Acknowledgment is easier for any process updates, as there is an option to “Like” a particular update. You can also quickly scan over old chat messages and history. There is also a way to manage external apps through the Microsoft Team interface, which allows for a better transition between apps.

Microsoft Teams also works with the cloud format, which makes things easier for people in a business that is always on the go; this particular service helps businesses more as it allows people to access data, and communicate with their employees anywhere in the world.

Security would not be a problem as the platform can provide it to the business and compliance capabilities. Everything that is in transit is encrypted, and with Microsoft Teams being part of the global network that Microsoft has, you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth.


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