Hacker now enter to your Smartphone with your Bluetooth in just ten seconds.


Yes, you heard it right, Hackers now enter to your Smartphone with your Bluetooth. Whenever your Bluetooth is open, hackers can enter to your smartphone easily.

The name of this vulnerability is BlueBorne, it was first discovered by security research firm Armis. The researchers of Armis were able to infiltrate a Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel phones, an LG Sports Watch, and a car audio system by attacking Bluetooth, according to the report. The researchers were capable to remotely take data from the devices and get control of their cameras.

They also declared that other devices are also in risk with this malware. They suggest Google, Linux, and Microsoft update their devices with latest patches.  But the data underscores the importance of attention in an increasingly connected and wireless world. While the usage of Bluetooth and smart devices provides comfort and convenience, those luxuries aren’t without danger. It’s now more crucial than ever to keep your devices up to date and check which of the functions are enabled. So, if you are not using Bluetooth, keep it off.

Have a look at the complete research of this malware.

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