How AI Can Transform Your Business Right Now


Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a far-off concept that is confined to science fiction novels. AI is transforming the way we live and do business today.

It means we can ask our phones to do things for us, like retrieve information on the internet, and it means it can make our lives easier at work, if we let it.

AI isn’t robots sitting behind welcome desks either! AI is much more practical and useful. Here are just a few ways AI can transform your business right now.

Cataloguing Software with AI

You probably understand the benefits of a consolidated data management system. Since everything is located in one place, it really is the best way to keep track of important information and data.

You can make your system even more effective with the addition of AI. A data catalog for Azure or on-premises includes additional features that you won’t find with regular software.

It can do things like:

  • Automatically crawl data sources to identify and catalogue them
  • Automatically assign and identify similar data types, depending on source information
  • Make recommendations for the inclusion of similar data sets and sources
  • Automatically detect personally identifiable information to keep sensitive data safe

Basically, AI in your data catalogue will act as a kind of catalogue personal assistant, providing you with support and recommendations, all without the need to train an employee to do those tasks.

Streamline the Customer Service Experience

AI gets a bad rap when it comes to customer service. Visions of someone screaming, “Speak to a representative!” into the phone likely come to mind.

Although the wrong AI can make for a bad customer experience, modern AI solutions can actually help you improve the customer experience, while providing your business with some serious benefits.

For example, an automatic chat window can pop up when a visitor accesses your website. Then, based on the response from the visitor, the right customer service representative could be connected to answer the question. That saves your business time, and it actually makes things less frustrating for the visitor. They won’t have to talk to three different people before they find someone who can answer their question!

Better Target Your Advertising

Advertising has changed a lot over the years, and you can bet that it will continue to evolve through the coming years. Marketers are predicting that it will increasingly become more personal. The trouble is, creating special ads for every individual customer is way too time consuming for any business to do the old-fashioned way.

Marketers are using AI to create better Facebook ads, better Google ads, and more. That means targeting specific demographics with advertisements that were specifically created for them. Artificial intelligence deduces information from the individuals visiting those sites, then displays the proper advertising, with little to no extra effort on your part.

Find New and Better Employees Faster

Hiring employees is a challenge for every business. Many HR departments and recruiters spend countless hours combing over application materials, just to end up accidentally hiring the wrong person for the job.

AI is revolutionizing the recruiting and hiring process. Programs can be designed to crawl application materials and look for specific information, eliminating materials that don’t contain that information. Some programs can even help reverse-engineer the perfect candidate, then find the applicants that match the profile. It utilizes resumes, performance reviews, and other information to predict how a candidate will perform in that role, ensuring you make the best hiring decision as possible.

Banish Monotonous Tasks from Your Schedule

All this talk of AI may sound scary because it can start to sound like it will eliminate all of our jobs. Fortunately, that probably isn’t the case.

Instead of replacing humans, AI is gearing up to replace tasks instead, which will enable us to do our jobs better. For example, some programs can take care of basic accounting tasks, which will free up more time for an accountant to spend on other more demanding tasks. A scheduling system with AI technology could streamline the appointment-setting process so you can spend your time doing something else.

Think about the monotonous tasks you hate doing on a daily basis, and there just may be an AI program for that!

You don’t have to wait for the future to take advantage of AI technology. The future is already here! With these ideas, you can integrate AI into your daily work life and boost productivity, while decreasing frustration at the same time.


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