How to Easily Bypass Android’s Lock Screen Pattern, PIN or Password?

how to bypass android's lock screen

The smartphones have become a part of our life and something that we can’t possibly live without. If you own a smartphone, then you’d be storing a lot of information on it, information that you won’t like falling into other people’s hands. As such, these devices come with multiple ways to secure your phone and prevent others from accessing your data. If you own an Android device, then I am sure that you must be using the PIN or pattern lock to secure your smartphone.

It’s the most simple, and effective way to protect your phone and yet there are times when you need to bypass the phone’s security. Naturally, these security methods are hard to crack to keep your phone from getting into wrong hands, but they are not entirely uncrackable. You may have set a tough pattern that you forgot it and now you need to unlock your device, so what can you do? Fortunately, there are ways you can use to bypass Android’s pattern lock and gain access.

Simple Ways to Bypass Android’s Lock Screen

1. Use Google’s Find My Device

This the best method to follow if you use an Android phone and want to bypass the lock screen. Since all the Android phones require you to login to your Google account, this will get you past the pattern lock.

So how to do it exactly? First, you will need go to this link from your computer, or any device that you can access and login using the Gmail address that you used on your locked phone. As soon as you’re logged in, you will see your phone on the screen as the service will find it. If it’s unable to locate the phone, then refresh it a few times.

Next, click on the “Lock” button and you’ll be prompted to enter a new password which will replace the current PIN or pattern on your device. Enter the new password twice to confirm it and then click on the “Lock” button and you are done.

bypass android's lock screen google find my device
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It will take around 5 minutes for the changes to take effect, after which you’ll be able to unlock your phone using the new password.

Note: This method currently works for smartphones with Android 7.1.1 or lower!

2. Bypass using Samsung’s Find My Mobile Service

If you own a Samsung smartphone, and have already created a Samsung account, then you can use their own “Find My Mobile” service. If you don’t have a Samsung account, then this method won’t work.

Go to this link on your computer, or any other device and then login to your Samsung account. After you’ve logged in, click on the “Lock My Screen” button on the left-side menu, enter a new PIN in the first field and then click on the “Lock” button at the bottom of the screen. Within a few minutes, the PIN on your locked phone will be changed to the new one and you’ll be able to bypass Android’s lock screen with ease.

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3. Perform a Factory Reset

A factory reset should only be performed when you are not concerned with all the data stored on your phone, or you have necessary backups in place because a factory reset will wipe out everything, including all the files and settings, on your phone and restore it back to the original settings.

The process vary for different phones and you can find out how to perform a factory reset on your phone with a simple Google Search. For most of the phones out there, you’ll start by powering off your device. Once the screen’s gone black, press and hold down the “power” button and “volume down” button simultaneously until the Android’s bootloader menu appear on the screen. Next, press the volume down button twice to highlight the Recovery mode and then press power button to select it.

Next, hold down the power button and tap the volume up button once to enter the recovery mode. Now, use the volume button to move up and down and highlight the “wipe data/factory reset” option from the list and press the power button to select it. Once the factory reset is complete, select the “Reboot system now” and the device will restart and will no longer be locked.

4. Use Forgot Pattern Feature

This isn’t quite popular method, or even the most used one, as it can only be used on smartphones with Android 4.4 or lower. If, for some reason, you are still using Android 4.4 or lower, then you will be able to utilize this feature to bypass Android’s pattern lock screen.

To do that, you will have to enter wrong patterns on the lock screen. After 5 failed attempts, a message will be displayed on the screen that says “Try again in 30 seconds”. While this message is displayed, there will be an option that says “Forgot Pattern” at the bottom of the screen.

Click on that option and you will be asked to enter the Google account details. Enter your Gmail ID and password that you used on your phone and you will receive an email with the pattern lock, or you can directly change the password right then and there as well!

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5. Boot into Safe Mode

If you are using a third-party lock screen app to secure your smartphone instead of the stock lock screen, then you can use this booting into safe mode method to bypass the lock with relative ease.

To boot into safe mode, bring up the power menu on the lock screen by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds. Next, long-press the “Power Off” option and when asked to reboot into safe mode, press “yes”. From here on, the third-party lock screen app you are using will be temporarily disabled, so you can clear the data of the app or simply uninstall it. Once that’s finished, simply reboot your phone to get out of safe mode and you’re all done!

Note: If you can’t get your phone into safe mode using the above method, then perform a quick Google search to find out the right method for your phone as it may vary depending on the phone model.

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So, these were some of the best ways to bypass Android’s lock screen pattern, PIN or password within minutes. I am sure that you will be able to get access to your locked phone by following any one of these methods.

I would suggest you to keep the “factory reset” option as the last resort because you don’t want to erase all your data when there are other methods you can try and possibly unlock your phone with. So don’t perform the factory reset until you’ve exhausted all the other possible bypass methods.

So, please let us know which of these methods worked for you to bypass Android’s lock screen. Also, if you liked the article, then please share it with your friends as well so that they too know how to get access to their locked device when the need arises!


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