How to make a 360 video to convert your basic videography to Pro?

How to make a 360 video

Do you want to experience a new world without leaving your bedroom? This can be done with the help of a Virtual Reality. First, we get to know what is the Virtual Reality is all about? Then We begin our topic How to make a 360 video.

What is a Virtual Reality? And how it is helpful in How to make a 360 video.

Virtual reality is a fully immersive computer simulator environment that gives a user the feeling of being in that environment instead of the one they are actually in.

A lot of video games have already developed the technology to put the user in an interactive world in the driver’s seat of a car, or on the battlefield or a First person Shooter or even in your own little town. This all done by the programs and cameras that can record 360-degree videos.

But How this Virtual Reality works?

This all done because of this sense of the human beings. You are simply a spectator overseeing the events that are happening in the world. In order for your brain to pursue a virtual environment, there are few key factors that are vital to the creation of an immersive experience necessary for virtual reality.

In schools or in books we all learned that we have only five senses that are taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing. In our daily life when we see a thing or experience any kind of reality all these senses comes into work and that’s how we experience the whole environment our surrounding. But in virtual reality, there are two things that help or stimulates virtual kind of environment that are sight and hearing.

In short, we can say that virtual reality is nothing but presenting an environment with a computer generated program and sensors virtual environment that we feel the experience.

And this kind of virtual reality that we experience is only recorded by the 360-degree camera. Now lets we talked about how to make a 360 video.

How to make a 360 video.

There are many things in the market that we can use for creating for making a 360-degree video. Some of them are in budget or some of them are so costly.

But today we talked about only three types of cameras that are used to make 360-degree videos.

Method 1: Set of GoPros.

GoPro helps you to make a 360-degree video but you need a set of 4 or 6 GoPros to make a 360-degree video and this is a costly method.  And you have to tie all these cameras on a Rig. You need to purchase that Rig extra. It helps to hold the all the go pros tightly in one place. And you also need a tripod and monopod in which you place all the set. This method is for highly professional users, If you are a basic user then Prefer Method 2 or 3.

So, let’s start all this with steps.

  • First, you need all the cameras mounted on the Rig and with the monopod.

How to make a 360 video

  • Then to start all these cameras you need same settings on each camera and the settings are down there.

How to make a 360 video

  • To start all the cameras together you can do two things –  first a loud clap or rotate or spin the tripod back and forth. These two things start all the cameras and stitch them to each other to make a combined shot.

How to make a 360 video

  • And after the recording completed, put all the memory cards out and label them along the series as 123456.

  • Import all the media as one by one to a system and for editing purpose, you need to make folders in sequence wise.

How to make a 360 video

Then you can edit your video as you want but we prefer for you to use Auto Pano Video pro, this company is now owned by GoPro. If you had any problem in the steps you can ask us in Coment section.

That’s how you can record a 360-degree video but this method is quite tricky and problematic. We have another method for you so that you can easily record a 360-degree video by only one camera.

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Method 2. By using a 360-degree camera.

You can use Samsung gear 360 or LG 360 cam. But we are using Samsung Gear 360 and tell you to step by step how you can record a 360-degree video.

Samsung Gear 360 can clicks images in 30 megapixels or shoot videos in 4K resolution. In the top, there is a shutter button and small display by which you can see the commands that you are giving to the camera. And on one side you got a menu and the back button and another side you got a slot for your battery in which there is also Micro SD card slot and USB Jack by which you can import all the recorded videos to your computer. It is slightly water resistant but not completely.

How to make a 360 video

It is Splash proof certified IP53 and had a Micro SD card which supports up to 200 gigs of storage and had 1350mAH battery capacity.

If you had of Samsung smartphone you can easily connect the camera to it. But if you don’t have a Samsung smartphone you need third party apps to connect the camera and the smartphone. But we prefer a Samsung mobile because it is so easy to connect the camera with the smartphone as compared to the other smartphones. You can connect the camera and the Samsung smartphone with the Bluetooth pairing. After the connection completed you can see on a smartphone what the camera is shooting or recording. The smartphone is used as a remote control of the camera.

Steps to use Samsung Gear 360

  • First, you need to insert a memory card and battery inside the camera.
  • Then power on the camera and connect it to the smartphone by the Bluetooth connection.
  • Press the shoot button which is present on the top side of the camera and start recording the 360-degree video.
  • Now you can enjoy the video with the help of Samsung Gear VR and record your precious moments and make it memorable. This will help you to your question of How to make a 360 video?

Method 3.Convert a Panorama Image or 360-degree image to a 360-degree Video.

Now in the third method, we will teach you how to make a 360-degree video by a smartphone if you are a YouTuber or a blogger you must be wondering how to convert an image basically a panorama image into a 360 video today we are doing this and teaching you how you can do this. In order to make a 360-degree video, you need an app called Google cam you can download it from the Play Store it helps you to capture a 360-degree image.

Make sure you have a gyroscope sensor on your phone. Steps to convert or make a 360-degree video from a smartphone.

  • First, take a 360-degree photo or image from your smartphone and copy it into your computer.

How to make a 360 video

  • Before going for the make sure the resolution is correct if it is not correct it will not work. The resolution should be in 16:9. You can do this by the help of Photoshop open it and go to the image section and then click on image size and change the width and height to 1920 and 1080 in pixels.

How to make a 360 video

  • Now open the image in any video editing software that you have extended the video until the time you want and then export it into .mp4 format.

How to make a 360 video

  • And now we have to convert this video and 360-degree video format which is a special format by YouTube so you have to download an application called 360video Metadata Tool. Open the video file that you exported by the video editor and then tick on the spherical and save as where ever you want. This is the final step of How to make a 360 video.

How to make a 360 video

That’s how you can convert a 360-degree image of panorama image into a 360-degree video it’s quite simple and easy you can easily do this. This method helps you to your question of How to make a 360 video.




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