How to make my phone faster?.3 best Methods for this.


The number of peoples using android phones is increasing day by day and the biggest questions in their mind after using android phones for a while is that How to make my phone faster? , Why my phone is so slow? etc.So here I am with the solution.

Method 1: Go to settings<Scroll Down to Developer option<Enable it<Now Scroll Down and you’ll see three options a.)Window animation scale,b.)Transition animation scale and c.) Animation duration scale.In some phones,it is not detectable.<Now change animation scale to 0.5x

This method is the first method for your question of How to make my phone faster? and it will increase your speed during going from one page to other.In my opinion it is the best way to speed up your device

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Method 2:Go to settings<Enable developer options<Scroll Down<Tick Don’t keep activities

This method is the second method for your question of How to make my phone faster? and it will kill your activities which are not necessary.There is also an option of Limit Background processes.But I’ll not recommend that method.

Method 3:Install Clean Master from play store and frequently use it to clear your caches and unnecessary apps.



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