How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone/Android?

transfer whatsapp from iphone to iphone android

The WhatsApp’s most famous texting application is accessible on the iPhone and Android cell phones. With more than one billion downloads, WhatsApp is likely to overcome texting applications. WhatsApp is mainly used to send messages, pictures and sounds between companions, families and colleagues. In addition, you can also call your mother with the recent Hadith of WhatsApp.

Obviously, on the opportunity to move from Android to clearly clear, you can not leave WhatsApp messages because it contains plenty of essential messages. These people are essential for people who use Voice Apps to reach customers. The reason for this basic tutorial is, we’ll show how e-mail messages from e-mail have to easily transfer messages from Voice Apps. Unfortunately, you can send messages from the Android cell phone to the iPhone directly, but no built-in hints on Android and iPhone are available. That’s why, we take help from external requests and programming to transmit your WhatsApp messages.

Voice Apps and Connected Transfer from the Voice app in Android to Android

Clearly, top techniques require unusual PC rumors to get the method of migration. Nevertheless, on the occasion that you are looking for less difficult and easy management, dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer can meet this error with only one straightforward image. This program is a fantastic tool in which WhatsApp’s messages and its connection can be copied with Android, downloaded from iPhone to iPhone. It is either used to either discuss the whole voice app or separate discussion from one cell to another. You can also save WhatsApp messages from promoting iTunes and leave any social organization such as words, PDF, HTML, text, CSS, and more.

Currently, it consists of more than 2000 + cell phone signals on Mac and Windows, including iPhone, Samsung, Sony, LG, Modola, Google, SMS, Microsoft and Cigarette restore whatsapp backup.

Download and open

Dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer is a computer program so you should download it first. Then bundle and open. To start the setting procedure to set the Execute document. Finally, send the program to your desktop.

Associate Android and iPhone on Computer

PCS Associate Android and iPhone with links to 2 separate USB information. After a few minutes, the program needs to recognize the telephone and you can see the name of the gadget on the left sidebar.

On the possibility that there was an issue in this development, if you are sure it will be ideal: 1> iTunes are introduced on the computer. 2> USB investigation is authorized on USB investigations.

Transfer the selected WhatsApp messages from the phone to the Android phone

transfer whatsapp from iphone to iphone android

In this event, transfer your visit to the date and touch the right-click on the phone’s name from Android to Android and touch the “Transfer messages from Android to Android.”

Again, on this occasion, you only need to transfer the white app messages from one touch, then right-click on the name of this contact and tap on “Transfer messages with this contact from Android.”

At this time, check your Android telephone and show it to every one of the messages from the iPhone. This is as if possible, if the conversations are not visible then go to Settings> Applications> Voice Apps and clear all application store information. WhatsApp re-sending and problem solved.

How to copy WhatsApp messages from the iPhone

Dr.fone is a big application for Android to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android. It can transmit the date and connection of the matter whatsapp transfer. However, first of all you will need to overcome Voice Speak from the documentation of the iTunes control document using any known iTunes indicator. At this time, you can remove WhatsApp messages from iPhone and transfer them to your mobile phone according to these sources:

Step 1: From your Android phone, open the Google Play Store and search for a Wizard Magistrator.

Step 2: Install the application and open it. Tap “Select iPhone Archives” and select the document to control your telephone.

Step 3: Follow the guide properly and you should have the capability to see the pop window with “successful change” message.

Step 4: Now, you can check the Voice app on your Android phone and it should be shown to each of your messages from your iPhone.


  1. Charming
  2. Programming capabilities are required.


In this short guide, we have shown two productive approaches to Android from WhatsApp’s messages to Android. Clearly, this is a high decision to run with dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer, which is easy to use in the interface and offers many other useful capabilities compared to the Wazzap magnet. However, on the occasion that you were just enough, then you can use Wazzap to fix the error. This is your choice to choose your strategy that you like most.


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