5 websites which improves your programming skills.


Every programmer gets into difficulties when they apply their codes. It’s upon you How did you learn to code either from offline or online? Everything needs practice. What if you get some websites which help you to do practice upon your coding skills.

Today we will look up at some websites which help you in this purpose.


Topcoder is one of the best sites to improve programming skills if you are an advance programmer. I focused on Advance because literally the challenges given by TopCoder are too tough and need a plenty of time to solve it. There are million of programmers in this site which gives you daily and weekly challenges on coding.

Project Euler

This site is the most popular site to improve your programming skills. It has a community of around 100,000 developers. You will get weekly challenges here which is not so difficult but needs problem-solving ability. If you are a beginner in this field then you should choose this website.


This site gained a lot of success in a very few time due to Kickstarter campaign. The basic motive of this site is to improve programming skills of beginner and intermediate programmers. It was built in 2012 and have a decent community of developers.


CodeChef was made with the objective of testing and connecting with the designer group by building a stage for engineers to rehearse, contend and move forward. It as of now contains a monstrous gathering of issues to kick you off and furthermore gives you a chance to get to the source codes of different engineers who have tackled the issues as of now. You can expect many challenges on coding each and every week here.


CodeKata uses a different way to brush up your programming skills. Code Kata is a blog which has many programming puzzles written by the writer of Pragmatic Programmer book, Dave Thomas.

These puzzles are very connected to Real world programming. If you know Dave Thomas then you don’t need to know more reviews of this site.


Why are you wasting time? Go and start Practice from Now.


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