Intel vs AMD processor. Which processor is best for your PC?


    Choosing a processor during buy a new PC is always the biggest task. You can easily choose which RAM or hard disk is suitable for you but at the time processor, you get confused between AMD and Intel. In this article, I will precisely tell you about Intel vs AMD processor.

    Many new buyers things that Intel is a processor better than AMD but it is not the complete truth. The whole scenario depends upon your need, What’s your basic priority, what’s your budget etc. I will give you the best answer for Intel vs AMD processor by keeping three conditions in this article which are price, power, and performance.

    Intel vs AMD processor


    I don’t know that what you know about the price range of AMD and Intel. But on a simple note, I can tell you that Intel Processor is a little bit costly than AMD processor. This simple note becomes the main highlight of your question. If you have a low budget then you should prefer AMD processor because you can get better quality at a low price as compared to Intel at that price. It doesn’t mean that every time you choose AMD because it gives better at low cost, AMD is good at the only low price.

    The simple answer is that if you are building a PC or buying a laptop with low budget like buying a laptop under $500 then you should choose AMD because AMD is much better than Intel at that price.

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    intel vs amd processor

    Choosing AMD processor on a laptop is not a smart move because AMD processor consumes more power than Intel. The simple terms, AMD consume approx 50% more power than intel. So if you are looking for a long battery life laptop then think before choose AMD. If you increase your budget more than $500 then you can get a good laptop either it is i3 or i5 because it is better than battery consuming AMD processor at that budget.

    But if you are building a PC with a low budget then choosing AMD is a good choice because at that time there is no battery issue. A little bit more electricity bill will not hurt you.


    intel vs amd processor

    Performance is the basic question in your mind before choosing a processor. So let’s resolved it in this Intel vs AMD processor topic. If you are building a PC with high-end specs and no price issues then Intel is the best option available for you. Same case for buying a laptop. Maybe you notice that if you choose a laptop with price more than $600 then there is no option of AMD because a manufacturer does not want to give you a low-end processor with high-end specs.

    But as I told you that using AMD in PC for low budget is a good option, for not only in Power scenario but in performance scenario also. The reason is that you get good inbuilt graphics in AMD processors. And if you are a game lover then you can save money by buying low budget AMD processor and attach a high-end graphics card with your PC.

    Neck to neck comparison of every processor of AMD and Intel.

     AMD Intel
     AMD FX Core i7
     AMD A10 Core i5
    AMD A8 Core i5
    Core i3
     AMD A6 Core i3
     AMD A4 Pentium
    AMD E Series 4 Pentium
     AMD E Series 2 Celeron


    Wrap up

    I think you got all your answers in this Intel vs AMD processor topic. But if you got more Confused by reading my opinions on choosing Intel or AMD then the simple answer is that choose AMD if you have a low budget otherwise choose Intel if budget is not an issue for you.


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