10 iPhone Texting Tricks which makes you a messaging expert.

iPhone texting tricks

Smartphones become an essential part of our lives no matter what kind of work we do. It helps us many ways, but everyone uses it Smartphone in its own way, but one thing that is common among all the Smartphone users is we all use our mobiles for Calling and Texting. But, many of the youngsters prefers texting over calling, because in texting there is no chance of wrong information. In calling much time due to low network connections there is some problem in talking, we say something from here and other person heard something else, but in texting, there is no such kind of problem. Today we will give you some iPhone Texting Tricks that will help you to use your iPhone faster for texting.

In every release of the new iOS version, there are some tricks added to the OS so that users can use their iPhones faster, so let’s start the iPhone Texting Tricks topic.

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10 Best iPhone Texting Tricks

  • Now Add numbers and Symbols Quickly.

Adding numbers and symbols while typing is very annoying and it reduces our speed of texting but this is a trick that will help you. You can swipe from the symbols button to the letter or the symbol you want. That how you can add the symbols and numbers while texting.

iPhone texting tricks

  • Making Individual Letter Capital Quickly.

Another thing that slows the typing speed is Capitalising individual letter. While texting, in some cases we need to capital some of the letters in the middle of the text and this slows the speed so much. You can swipe from the Caps button to the letter that you want and this will changes the letter to it upper form.

iPhone texting tricks


  • 3D Touch Keyboard Tricks.

This feature helps a lot while using Keyboard, but this is only available on iPhones that have this feature. This is one of the best iPhone texting tricks.

The first trick is you can change the Keyboard into a trackpad. This will help you to navigate to the word that you wanted to reach. Use the 3D touch anywhere on the keyboard and it will change it into a trackpad.



You can use this feature for the selection of the text too. For doing this, you can lighter the touch first form where you want to select and then press harder to select the words.

You can use 3D touch to delete faster, just press harder to the delete button and it will erase the things faster.

  • Shortcuts for Text Replacement.

You can make your own shortcuts so that you can use them later while texting with someone. For doing this you can add your custom shortcuts to the Phone. Steps for adding shortcuts are down below:

  1. First go to settings, then in General.
  2. Here you find Keyboard section, tap on it.
  3. Then you see a Text Replacement Option there. Tap there and then press on the Plus Icon in the top right corner. From where you can add your Custom Shortcuts.

In the “phrase” field adds your full form of your shortcut text and in the “shortcut” field adds your shortcut which you want to add. And next time when you use your shortcut you can see the full form of that shortcut in the top most area of the keyboard.

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  • Shake your Phone for the UNDO.

You can shake your phone for the UNDO, it doesn’t matter What you paste? After you shake your phone, the pasted text will be deleted. It works same as you use in your Computer. For using this feature you should first enable this feature in settings.


  1. Go to settings, then in General.
  2. Then go to Accessibility, in the list down there you find the Shake to Undo Option.
  3. Click on it and enable it for using this feature.

iPhone texting tricks

  • Have more keys in Landscape Mode.

Some of you are not aware of this feature when you tilt your phone to the Landscape mode while texting, you see you had much more keys in the keyboard. If you want to use, just tilt your phone while texting. In this mode, you had Bold, Italic, and Underline feature too.

  • Dictate to your iPhone.

You can type text for so many years but now you can just tell to the Phone and it will type what you say, for this tap on the mike which is on your Keyboard and then tell what you want to type. It will automatically add Question marks, commas and full stops.

  • Type Domain faster.

When you are in hurry many times you type a domain of a website in wrong alphabets, but there is also a shortcut for this. Type your domain whatever you want to visit and then press the SpaceBar button for a long time and it will show you many options like .com, .in, .org, .net, .edu. You can use one of them.

  • Write with your fingers.

You can now write with your fingers in your own handwriting, this can be only used in the iMessage application only. You can just tilt your phone without opening the keyboard and this will open a page where you can write with your fingers.

iPhone texting tricks

  • Emoji Shortcut.

Inserting and finding emojis is a tough thing, but now you can just touch on the words and then the emoji suggestion will appear in front of you, this is quite handy while texting with your friends or loved ones. It is for latest update only.

Bind up of iPhone Texting Tricks

These all are the best iPhone texting tricks. You should use it to become a pro in messaging. You can surprise your friends by typing fast messages using these tricks. We hope you liked it. If any trick, I didn’t cover then tell me in comment section below.


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