How Laptops changed from 20th to 21st century?


    You may be studied about the generations of computer – first generation, second generation computers, supercomputers, laptops etc.

    Basically everyone knows how computer changed from time to time but many few of you knows which was the first laptop and how laptop has changed with time?

    1.) Grid Compass

    Grid Compass was the first laptop which was released in 1982. Grid Compass was a laptop for name only because it was not portable as a laptop should be. The weight of grid compass was 5 kg means WTF, you have to carry a 5 kg weight as a laptop. This laptop used to come with a price tag of $8,000. They used Intel 8086 processor with the LED display of 320 X 240.

    2.) Macintosh Portable

    If you know about the Apple history then you may know that the many of the starting products of the Apple were a failure. Macintosh Portable was one of that failure and one of the worst product of Apple ever. Apple released this laptop with the price tag of $7,300. This laptop features 9.8 inches 640 X 400 display. This laptop had a hard drive of 40 MB but at that time it is enough to store the entire OS and a dozen of photos. But this laptop weighs more than grid compass, weight of 7.2 kg.

    3.) IBM Thinkpad

    IBM Thinkpad is the true example of first laptop. It was launched in 1992 and gained a lots of popularity after the launch. This laptop was almost half of the above laptops. Actually, Thinkpad is the first one who motivated laptop tech world to trackpad feature. This laptop has a track point Feature in which We can point something on screen.

    4.) Toshiba Libertto

    It was the first notebook type laptop which weighed around 840 gram only. This was just a baby version of Windows PC.

    5.) iBook

    After portable Macintosh, Apple made many products which were a huge success for Apple but not as much in my opinion. Apple iBook is the device which can be called as a landmark in the history of laptops. It was launched in 1999 and made especially for average consumers. The price was totally acceptable which was $1,599.

    6.) Between 2003 to 2008

    After iBook, many few changes came in the market before 2003. After 2003 Dell started to rule the laptop market and the peoples with Dell laptops were likely to be the smartest Tech guy. Dell started to make the shiniest and slimmest laptop at that time.

    7.) Apple MacBook Air

    In 2008, Apple released MacBook Air. It was again a landmark in the laptop history by Apple. Steve Jobs thinking was not to earn but to change the world with their Technologies. Every time they gave a try with a huge change. MacBook Air was compromised with many of the ports but it was the thinnest and lightest and fastest laptop in 2008. We have to agree that this laptop was overpriced and still comes in the overpriced segment.

    8.) Microsoft Surface

    Microsoft also created a landmark in the laptop history by combining the tablet and laptop feature in a single device. This device was launched in 2012. Microsoft came with the mind set that there should be one device for every task while Apple thinks that we can’t combine different products to make a single device.

    Laptop future is in big tech giants like Apple and Microsoft. I think that again the landmark will be created by Apple. What’s your opinion.


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