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There are many ways through which you can mirror Android to PC and Mac but you have to go through some deep steps of your PC and Android device to perform this task. I will cover both easy and difficult ways to Mirror Android to PC. But keep in mind that easy way is not the good and good way is not easy.

Benefits of Mirror Android to PC

There are plenty of reasons for which you are performing this task. Maybe you have recently watched a tutorial video on YouTube on which they were mirroring the Android device to PC and that excited you to do this. This is the reason for your fun only. Let me tell you some real benefits of mirroring.

  • You can enjoy your Android phone experience on large screen.
  • Mirroring will help you to show presentation on any large screen via your Android device.
  • You can do game streaming.

There are only some of the benefits of mirroring Android to PC. But now let’s move to the topic of how to Mirror Android to PC and Mac?


How to Mirror Android to PC and Mac?

Method 1: Wirelessly via AirDroid

mirror Android to PC

Airdroid is very rarely used app for mirroring Android device to PC. But it is really a good and one of the best option to Mirror Android to PC. It is available on Mac also. The best part of AirDroid is that you can mirror Android device to PC wirelessly via AirDroid. Not only Windows, it works on Mac and Chromebook also.

You can use it if your Android device and PC are on the same network. But don’t worry, you can use it even from different networks also. Here, I will provide you step by step guide to Mirror Android to PC via AirDroid

  • Download AirDroid from Play Store.
  • Now open AirDroid and it will ask you for sign up but you can skip this if you will mirroring using the same network on both devices.
  • Now after skipping sign up option, you will see an IP address at the top. Type this IP address on the browser of your PC or Mac or Chromebook.mirror Android to PC
  • After this you will see a pop up on your Android device, tap “Accept” button.mirror Android to PC
  • Now a screen will be open on your browser. Tap on “Screenshot” icon.mirror Android to PC
  • Now again you will see a pop up on your device. Tap “Start Now”
  • Boom You have successfully mirrored Android to PC via AirDroid.

mirror Android to PC

Case 2: If you are not on the same network and want to mirror Android to PC.

  • In this case, you have to sign up for AirDroid.
  • After signing up, use the internet from mobile data of your Android device.
  • Now type web.airdroid.com on the browser and sign in with the same account which you made recently.
  • Tap on “Screenshot” icon and again you successfully completed your task.

Airdroid is good but it has many demerits such as 1.) You can’t access your device via PC. 2.) You can’t do other things on the PC during using it.

To get out of this, I have another option which is most popular at this time.

Method 2: USB debugging via Vysor

mirror Android to PC

You may be heard about vysor. It is the most trusted way to Mirror Android to PC and Mac.

You can access your device from PC if you are using Vysor and in my case, it is not lagging but some have issues related to this. Vysor is a good option if you are a YouTuber who want to make a tutorial video.

Step by step guide to Mirror Android to PC via Vysor.

  • Download Vysor for Windows or Mac or Linux as from this link. But if you are using Chrome browser then I would suggest you to install Vysor app on your Chrome browser. I will guide you by using Chrome browser Vysor app. Install Vysor app for Chrome from this link.mirror Android to PC
  • Now you have to enable USB debugging mode in the developer option of your Android device. If developer option is not available on your device in the settings then read this article. Some of the latest Android devices have new ways to activate developer options. You can find it by searching on google “how to activate developer option + ‘your device name'”.
  • Connect your mobile to PC through an USB cable.
  • As you have installed the Vysor app on Chrome, Now launch the app. But keep in mind that if you are using a Windows PC then ADB drivers should be installed on your PC. Download it from this link.
  • After launching the app you will notice your device serial number at the top. Click on it and a popup will show on your device. Tap the “Allow” button. mirror Android to PC
  • At the first time of mirroring, it will take time because it will install Vysor app on your Android device. If you want to make this process little bit fast then install Vysor app on Android device before this process. Here is the link of app.
  • Now you have successfully done this process via Vysor.

Method 3: Using TeamViewer

Many few peoples know that we can use TeamViewer for mirroring Android device to PC. Using TeamViewer for mirroring Android to PC will be a good experience for a hardcore Android gamer. This is the best application if you want to play Android games on the large screen. But you can only watch your game on the large screen, you can’t access the game from the PC.

By TeamViewer, you can not only mirror Android to PC, you can mirror PC to Android also. I will cover both methods

Step by step guide to Mirror Android to PC using TeamViewer.

  • Install TeamViewer on Windows or Mac from this link.
  • Install TeamViewer QuickSupport app on your Android device from Google Play Store.
  • Open the Android app and you will get an ID.mirror Android to PC
  • Now open the TeamViewer PC application and enter the ID which you got from your Android device in “Partner ID” Box.mirror Android to PC
  • After this, a popup will be shown on your Android device, click “Allow”.
  • Successfully you have mirrored Android to PC using TeamViewer.

You will get many shortcut keys also. Tap the full-screen button at the top to enjoy the large screen experience.

Now a bonus point for you

How to Mirror PC to Android?

  • Install TeamViewer app from Google Play Store. TeamViewer app is different from the TeamViewer QuickSupport app.
  • Now open the Android app and enter the ID of the TeamViewer of your PC.

mirror Android to PC

Boom you have successfully mirrored PC to Android using TeamViewer.

The above three processes are little bit time consuming and very advanced but good for those who really need this. If you are doing this only for fun and want to stream videos or music or photos only from your Android device to PC. Then I would prefer you to follow the next method which is so easy to perform.

Method 4: Using All Cast Chrome app

Note: In Windows, you have to disable Windows security app like Windows Firewall
to use this method.
  • Install All cast App on Chrome from this link.
  • Install All Cast on your Android device from Google Play Store.
  • Now open the Android app and you will see the IP address of your PC.mirror Android to PC
  • Tap on it and boom you have successfully mirror Android to PC in just a few steps.

You have to keep in mind that this mirroring via all cast is very limited. You can only view your photos and videos of your Android device on PC via this app.

Which way is best?

Every way which I told here has some cons and pros. It depends on your need which method to Mirror Android to PC suits you. Personally, I prefer Vysor and AirDroid because it is sufficient for me. But if you want to play games on large screen and want to mirror Android to PC and PC to Android then TeamViewer should be your choice. If you want and mirroring app to play some videos only then all cast should be your choice. I think I have successfully solved your problem. If you have any doubt or any suggestion then ask in the comment section.

For now, Happy Mirroring.


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