Monitoring Robots and Workplace Efficiency

monitoring robots

Technology is a wonderful thing, very few of us would deny that, but it also throws up its fair share of controversy, issues surrounding privacy for example. So, with this in mind we take a look at who is watching us, why and whether or not the monitoring is an invasive breach of our privacy.

Big Brother or Tech for the Greater Good?

Ever since the 1970’s when CCTV cameras were first introduced in the UK, there has been a steady increase in the number of ways in which we, as a society, are monitored. As digital technology became commonplace new methods of monitoring were conceived and now there are a myriad of ways in which our activities can be recorded, analyzed and archived.

The recent Facebook scandal, where it was revealed that 50 million user profiles had been harvested for Cambridge Analytica, gives us some idea of just how sophisticated this monitoring has become.

Covert monitoring is deemed by the majority to be unacceptable, but what about when it is done overtly? Are there systems that can help us without being invasive?

CMMS Private and Efficient

Many companies are starting to introduce computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). These systems have been designed to optimise the performance of individuals as well as machines and other work based assets.

They work by compiling digital inventories that record information about what is happening in the workplace, work requests and reports for example. The result is that a CMMS can improve efficiencies as it is faster and more accurate than keeping paper records and in doing so can have a hugely positive effect on a business.

Privacy issues are dealt with through transparency, it is important that staff know exactly what the system is monitoring, when it is doing so and for what reason. And in this respect it isn’t too different from having a super vigilant supervisor.

Mobile Security and Device Management

Other types of monitoring robots include mobile security and device management systems. Using these enables companies to monitor and protect devices such as mobile phones and tablets when they are being used remotely.

More people than ever before are now taking the option of working remotely and these systems mean what they do can not only be monitored, but also protected. For example if the mobile device is lost or stolen, it can be locked, tracked and even erased should the need arise.

Monitoring robots and other systems like them are part of the ever changing environments that we work in. And as with many other technical innovations they serve to help us without being used covertly or being intrusive.


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