Motorola patented a display that can repair by itself.


Think of a day when your mobile’s display that can heal or repair by itself. That day is not so far because Motorola has granted a patent and according to its description when there is a crack on that display and you apply some amount of heat to that area the display repair the damage by itself.

In scientific terms, this process is known as “Shape Memory Polymer“, and simple language you can say that when this material deforms, then can easily recover through a thermal cycling which involves changing the temperature of the material.

This process is termed as ‘Shape Memory Polymer,’ wherein a material that deforms could easily be recovered through thermal cycling, which essentially involves changing the material’s temperature.

Src: Motorola

According to The Verge, This material can be used to manufacture LCD or LED displays with the capacitive touch sensors. It could also optimize users body heat, a dock or a plugin panel for the same purpose. This all seems like a dream come true for those who break there’s smartphones display once in a month. But there are some complications with this technology. This is merely a patent application or an idea because Motorola is experimenting with that material and it does not completely examine officially made an announcement for. But this polymer doesn’t repair the screen to a new screen because, in this repairing process of this material, it loses some of its strength.

Src: Motorola



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