Movavi Photo Editor Review: An Easy to use Free Photo Editor.

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A picture speaks more than words” is a famous quote. This quote is completely true in Social Media Era. Everyone wants their image to be better than others. Your photo depends on two things – 1.) Photography Skill and 2.) Editing Skill.

Ahh!! We can’t do anything for photography skill. It improves with experience. But We can improve Editing Skill with Good Editor. When it comes to Photo Editor for PC then People know only one answer which is Adobe Photoshop but “You can’t be king every time“. Here I am reviewing Movavi Photo Editor which is very popular nowadays which gives a power to your image with some editing. You can download it here

Here, I will discuss everything about Movavi Photo editor like features of this editor and how to use it etc.

First Impression

The biggest strength of this editor is easy UI. You can easily understand each tab after installing this software.

  • You can easily add images in it by “Drag and Drop” or Browse from PC.
  • The editing is too easy in it. You will understand almost everything by just some clicks.

This editor is like that We are using MS-Paint but Editing style is better than Adobe Photoshop. At first look, This software looks pretty amazing. Let’s discuss some of its features.


There are a lot of Features in this Editor. I will discuss it one by one, So that you will not get confused about it.

  1. Magic Enhance and Quality Filters: This is the most used feature in any editor. You will get a lot of Filters in this software under many categories. 
  2. Position of Image: You can easily adjust position of the image. You can Resize, Crop, Rotate the image with some simple tabs.
  3. Object removal:  This is really an awesome feature of this software. You can easily remove a particular object from your image without disturbing the background. 
  4. Background Change: If you or your main object is looking awesome in image but Background is not looking good. Then You can easily change the background using “Background removal” option of this editor.

The Price for Movavi Photo Editor is $49.95 for lifetime after trial. You can buy it from here.

Final Verdict

This software is the best software for Photo Editing. You can easily understand everything of this editor and become a pro at photo editing. I don’t have to mention any cons for this software. But I found one that It is little bit lag at starting but After some time, It will not lag.

I think You should give Movavi Photo Editor a shot. Click here to Download it.


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