11 new features in iOS 11 which motivates you for upgradation.


iOS is always a great smartphone OS but it has a dark spot on it that they copy features from Android.  iOS 11 is the latest iOS offered by Apple. Let’s see what are the new features in this iOS.

New Features in iOS 11.

  1. The design of app drawer is changed in iOS 11. Apart of this if you use the messaging app then all of your messages will get sync with every Apple device of yours like Mac and iPad.
  2. Now Siri can give you suggestions and can translate some of the languages. Siri will now automatically detect on-screen messages or notification and suggest your action related to that.
  3. The compression ratio of images and videos is now 2 times. It will help you to save your storage space.
  4. The design of control Centre has changed and now 3D Touch is available for control Centre also.
  5. You can add fun effects on the live photos to enhance your photo.
  6. You can use Apple pay for one to one payment. From the money of Apple pay, you can buy anything or you can send money to anyone or you can transfer money to bank.
  7. Finally, there is some improvement in Apple Maps. Now you can locate indoor stores at malls, airports in selected countries.
  8. A new “Do not disturb while driving mode” is available in this iOS which automatically detect that you are driving a car. From this mode, you will not get any notification on your screen.
  9. Speakers feature is added in home kit means now you can access speakers from your iPhone.
  10. The layout of the app store has changed for example now there are separate sections for apps, games and you will be notified with a new app everyday in today’s section.
  11. AR kit is one of my favourite feature in iOS 11. This is the amazing feature in iOS 11. Apple is very concerned about argumented reality. Features of AR kit are You can place any object when you click a photo etc.

The developer mode of iOS 11 is available and the beta version will be available at the end of June. The upgraded version will be available in the market after the launch of iPhone 8.


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