How to Post to Instagram from PC ? Upload images direct from your PC.


Use of Instagram took a quick boost after facebook acquired it and Now, It is a community where everyone to share their photos and instant moment.Snapchat tried to steal the audience of Instagram and it got success but they had a different concept from Instagram. Instagram is basically made for the smartphone usage and they never try to use Insta from PC but after the release and some updates they made their official apps for the PC use, but there is always a problem that everyone face while using Insta from PC, it doesn’t have function of post to Instagram from PC.  If you only stick to a smartphone and want to use Instagram in your mobile only then this post is not for you.

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There are so many users who want to post to Instagram from PC, after doing some editing them, without losing the pixels of the image. There is an application for the Instagram on the Windows app store but this app is not also that useful because it doesn’t allow us to post to Instagram from PC. According to the terms and conditions of Instagram. Instagram has a very clear rule as per their terms of use and community guidelines, against users sharing their login credentials with a third party. If you use your Instagram account from a third party app, your account may be disabled.

post to instagram from pc

Now what we should do for this problem, there are two ways of solving this problem first is easy and simple we can use third party applications for solving the problem.

Even if your account isn’t disabled, you’re still trusting a third-party with total control of your account (and placing a lot of trust in whatever security measures they have in place to protect your login information—services like this are exactly how password leaks happen). Then you cannot blame Instagram for their security of your personal details.

If you want to use third party applications there are lots of third-party Instagram services like Gramblr and, enticingly, those services generally have pretty awesome features like the ability to schedule your Instagram posts. But we must clearly and strongly recommend against them.

Now the second option is to use the official application in PC but how we can do this, without violating Instagram rules? You can use an app called as Bluestacks, with the help of this app you can run any Android application on your computer without any restrictions or breaking any laws. LOL. Now you can post to Instagram from PC. This app is available for Mac and Windows. You can just simply install this app on your PC and then go to the official Play Store and install the Instagram application and upload you any image or video directly from your PC.


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