How to prevent your computer from overheating?

How To Prevent Your Computer From Overheating

It doesn’t matter your computer is performing high-end tasks or you are using it for normal work, sometimes it gets so hot that your computer is going to perform slow. There are many reasons by which your computer is working slow and one of them is overheating. Everyone underestimate this thing, but this is one of the major problems. So how to prevent your computer from overheating? There are many reasons of overheating and we will discuss them and how you can prevent your system from it.

Overheating is very dangerous for your system because it will shorten the lifespan of computer components and makes your computer slower and in some extreme conditions, it catches fire.

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1. Keep it clean always

How To Prevent Your Computer From Overheating

Dust is the main reason of overheating because it covers the components of the computer which helps in reducing the temperature of processor and GPU. Dust on cooling fans makes them slow and sometimes block the blade of the fan.

Dust particles work as an insulator and whenever you open the case of your system and forgets to cover it properly the dust enters from the opened flaps to the inside of system and sticks on the components of CPU which will work as an insulator and increase the temperature of the processor. So, we will suggest you, keep your computer free from dust or any kind of dust particles. Clean your CPU once in a year so that your computer will work fine and faster.

2. Keep the surrounding cool

How To Prevent Your Computer From Overheating

The leading Processor manufacturer company Intel recommends keeping your surrounding temperature less than 75F to 85F because, at this temperature, the temperature inside the system would reach about 110F – 130F. If whenever the internal temperature gets above 150F then you will see the signs of overheating.

Every component of the computer has the individual safe temperature operating ranges. If you want a detailed information about each component then contact your manufacturer about your desktop or laptop.

3. Place your computer in open space

How To Prevent Your Computer From Overheating

Always place your computer in a free space means all four sides of the computer are open so that the fans can work properly, i.e. to reduce the internal temperature of CPU. You can use extra fans to reduce the heat of your CPU or even you can use water cooling system if you use your computer for high intense games.

Avoid the places to set your computer near to the objects like the heater or other hot electronic objects.

And if you are using a laptop so make sure the cooling fans of the laptop are not blocked, and if your laptop is getting too hot then purchase a laptop cooling pad, so that it can reduce the heat of your laptop.

4. Don’t overclock your system

How To Prevent Your Computer From Overheating

If you don’t know what is overclocking then you probably not doing it so don’t worry about it. And if you are overclocking your processor then don’t do this because it will possess your computer to its extreme limits. It directly impacts on the temperature of a CPU because they are working on their extreme limits.

If you are overclocking your PC and not using precautions to keep your system cool then we highly recommend you to reconsider your hardware to factory default settings or use water cooling system to reduce the internal heat of your system.


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