[Video] IRS scammer tried to scam a Programmer but Programmer scammed him.


Programmers are popular for their skills. Few days back, A programmer screwed IRS scammer with the call overloading feature. IRS scam is a type of scam in which scammer demands payment by saying that victim didn’t pay some amount of taxes.

A programmer who operates Project Mayhem, an Anti-Scam operation, YesItwasDataMined received a voicemail in which a person said that he is an IRS employee. There is an official video in which you can clearly observe what happened actually between that programmer and IRS scammer

That programmer wrote a script which called every phone of that scammer 28 times per second. You can clearly observe what happened between them from the video which I will provide and if you know Hindi then you will understand much chat easily.

Since 2013, 10,000 victims have been affected by the IRS scams. This video is the perfect example that you should not do that scanning works in life or if you do then beware of your each step.

This video’s official post on Project Mayhem YouTube channel which gained almost 1 million views in few days.

Hope these type of scams will end in the future. If you are receiving any of these types of calls then cancel this call and call the official number by finding it from the internet.


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